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this is my workshop page.
instead of posting there it will be easier if you post here,
here you can post suggestions, problems you are having and/or questions about my mods.
Rayyas children is supported with all my mods

here you can download my mods with out steam
these are the modular versons of my mods you get to chose the values you want
XStartingHearthlings.smod (835 Bytes)
SuperMod1-X.smod (1.5 KB)
SupperModX.smod (1.5 KB)

How to get 30 starting Hearthlings
Stonehearth Mod List

Destroy the game balance mod!!


what did you have in mind?


Hey, so weird thing. When mod is active, stats are 12 for starting villagers. I start game, save, turn off mod reload, but now villagers’ stats have changed to 6. Is this on purpose or just unavoidable? Trying to get just a strong starting 5! Thanks! :slight_smile:


its unavoidable but new Hearthlings that you get will have normal stat distribution with the mod off


Hi can you make it work with Norsehearth Mod




im working on it


Thank your so much :joy:


@Xerosxz Norsehearth and romans mod are now supported.


do you need anything specific to make mods compatible? (asking for my nordlingmod) i like compatabillity :wink:


all I need is the location of the (name of faction)population.json to make it work


@Wouter_Sikkema it works now


hello can you do a 2-16 stats,2-100 or 2-1000? if thats possible if so that would be amazing :smiley:


Your wish has been granted


they hardly work, they just talk all the time


I’m working on that. trying to figure out how to get them to talk less without removing the conversation code all together.


i changed the value on the ecoation from 1000 to 100 and the problem solved


what exactly did you change? where is this value? i would like to know so I can make the fix to the mod.


I like the idea of having weak starting hearthlings, and training them up to be more powerful. I’m using the “MBS Training” mod to achieve this. I was hoping to use your Super Mod x to allow me to have hearthlings of power 1. Unfortunately, the hearthlings did not train to increase their stats, like they normally do.


Happy Birthday!
I made this for you
let me know if you experience issues with this mod