HOW do i make Classes additional / not kingdom dependent


Im using the Norsehearth mod, but since the new norselings are here i switched.
But im realy missing the two combat classes added by the mod, So my question is:
How do i make those two classes accessible to any Kingdom (they are Norsehearth Kingdom dependent it seems)

Class tree being like “Worker > Spearman > Warrior”

i did try looking into some other mods adding classes but i could not understand how it worked
i did make the craftable items accessible but thats it

(pm: are those norseling mustaches only art work or will i see them on hearthlings ?)

thanks for reading and sorry for my english


  • if you want to keep everything from there you only need to move the mixins of the population json (in data folder) file to the manifest(in main mod folder) disclaimer: some other things might be needed.
  • if it’s only the jobs, just move the job_index line the same way stated above. this will carry any other jobs that were changed for that mod
  • if you only want the military jobs then you’ll need to create a new job_index file with only them

btw, if you want to change it for you only i think there wont be any problem but in case you want to make it public first ask the creator of the mod

indeed its personal use, as the creator seems inactive
i didnt quite understand everything but ill give it a try thank you.
Does this mean i can do the same to the modified job so all crafts are general as well ?

should be that if no strange stuff were made over there
i can add some pics in case you need (and if no one gets mad about it xD)

idd appreciate that, i must say looks like every mod has a different structure
my way of learning to mod being scraping other mods and scaving ^^’

so what you meant is, that i open the Manifest.json and move the jobs:**** to mixintos ?


should be moved here:
also have to add “stonehearth:job_index”: or something like that
it will remove footman and knight

it will remove it ? but i allready edited the jobs index and removed the mixintos removing them
sorry if im messy here

nevermind then

this means i dont have to edit any recipe paths, this directly editing the vanilla jobs listed in the index and so adding the recipes ?

yup, it work like this:
job_recipes --> job_description --> jobs_index
job recipes are in assigned to a job by job description and job description is mixed in the game by job index
also everything is in the manifest so they are not kingdom exclusive (unless it were added in a mod inside a mod… wich is not the case here)

close enough i think
maybe is:
“stonehearth:job:index”: “file(data/jobs/index.json)”,
from now on, test and error xD
you can check other mods that changes/adds jobs
i think i saw that in armis2

im lookin and DON mod with the fountain guards, but that mod adds a promotion class after knight …

Oh and do i remove the line in the population.json ?

not sure if that will do anything unless you select the norsehearth population so i would recomend a test and remove if necessary

nope the classes are not available

hmm, check the stonehearth log in case anything failed to load

i think @TobiasSabathius is still over here…

I did it !! finaly got it thanks to @BrunoSupremo 's Fisher class and archipelago biome
very clear structure

“mixintos”: {
“stonehearth:jobs:index”: “norsehearth:jobs:index”,
“stonehearth:playable_kingdom_index”: “file(data/norseling_playable_kingdom_index.json)”,
“stonehearth:data:gm_index”: “norsehearth:data:gm_index”,
“stonehearth:data:sound_constants”: “norsehearth:data:sound_constants”,
“stonehearth:biome:index” : “file(data/biome/index.json)”,
“stonehearth:building_templates:index”: “file(data/saved_objects/building_templates_index.json)”,
“stonehearth:terrain_blocks” : “file(data/terrain/terrain_blocks.json)”,
“stonehearth:farmer:initial_crops”: “norsehearth:farmer:initial_crops”,
“stonehearth:armor:leather_helmet”: “file(entities/armor/leather_helmet)”
“stonehearth/jobs/blacksmith/recipes/recipes.json”: “file(jobs/blacksmith/recipes)”,
“stonehearth/jobs/carpenter/recipes/recipes.json”: “file(jobs/carpenter/recipes)”,
“stonehearth/jobs/mason/recipes/recipes.json”: “file(jobs/mason/recipes)”,
“stonehearth/jobs/weaver/recipes/recipes.json”: “file(jobs/weaver/recipes)”,