Some mod idea's and request for mod tips

Hello everyone xD who is reading this xD. I have been playing stonehearth quite a bit since A15 and A16 and am loving how it is so far. One thing I really would like to see/change/add is more class/job variety to satisfy my vain heart and bring back good memories of ogre battle 64 :wink: . Naturally making the weapon and armor(from blacksmith or tailor) would be a big part of getting said classes.

So, some of my Class/Job ideas is currently focused on combat, I’d like to divide the combat starting job from fighter into 3 kinds: Fighter, Apprentice, and tenative Hunter(which would replace trapper).
=T0 Fighter
-T1: Fencer(large 2h sword, leather armor) to T2 Blade master (Large 2h sword, scale mail),
-T1 Knight(Sword or spear and shield, chain mail) to either T2 Cataphract(Spear and heavy shield, heavy plate mail, minor aura skills) or T2 Paladin(1h sword, medium shield, plate armor, minor healing)
-T1 Berzerker(1h axe, plated gauntlets up to shoulder on other hand) to T2 Black Knight(2h Scythe, plated gauntlets up to shoulder, minor dark spell casting).

=T0 Apprentice(1h staff, book, cloth armor, minor ranged attack spells)
-T1 Cleric(1h mace and book, cloth armor minor healing) to T2 Saint(1h mace and book, scale mail, major healing).
-T1 Dark Mage(1h staff, cloth, dark spell casting) to T2 Warlock(2h staff, cloth, demon summoning), or T2 Necromancer(2h staff, cloth, dead raising).
-T1 Druid(2h mace, leather armor, shapeshifting, minor potion brewing) to T2 Alchemist(1h mace or 1h staff, leather armor, major potion brewing)

=T0 Hunter(Ranged bow or crossbow, trapping, tracking)
-T1 Rogue(dual hand daggers/swords, leather armor, minor assassin skills) to T2 Assassin(dual hand dagger/swords, leather armor, major assassin skills).
-T1 Beast Tamer(leather whip, leather armor, minor beast taming) to T2 Beast Master(metal plated whip, scale mail, major beast timing).

A few things about Tiers: I would like each character to be 1 T2 class at most, and able to use the skills from one previously leveled T1 or T0 class in addition to their current class(only fighter T0-1 combined with T2, same for apprentice and hunter). Also of note is that a character should be around lvl 2-3 to advance to T1 and 4-5 to advance to T2. T2 should have much more levels(10ish?) since it is ‘end game’ and would like it to last awhile.

Some fun things about classes which could make the game interesting is: a hard to make potion alchemist could craft to revive a recently killed character, possibly at the cost of one character(could be newly joined). Necromancer would raise dead minions and level them up to a limited degree and amount(maybe 1 for every 3 levels of T2 class).

Anyway those are some of my ideas on classes/jobs for stonehearth as a mod for the game, although would be nice to have it in the regular game as well xD. So any tips on my rather ambitious ideas would be great. If someone wants to use my ideas, feel free as well, would be great to let me know how it goes though ^^.(Always was a big Black Knight fanatic in ogre battle 64 xD.)

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