Ideas I have, that I wondered about, if they were possible

Hi there,
I just dug out Stonehearth again after not playing it since it got “fully” released, and while playing it I got some ideas and wondered about how much of them would be possible to implement with a mod, since my understanding of coding isn’t good enough to know where the boundaries of modding this game are (especially if I had to do it myself, I’ve got a bit of understanding what some code does, and I’ve edited xml-files and similar file types and copied some stuff from different files to create me a custom loadout in this game, so I’m not completely unfamiliar to reading code and editing parameters). Most ideas came into mind because I play with two starting hearthlings and not expanding fast (I know that is probably not how it’s meant to be played).

My ideas:

  1. throwing weapons (I don’t know why I put this as “1.” in this list)

    • basically easier to build than archery stuff (no leather, so no need to get a trapper and a weaver that fast),
    • maybe usable by footman or another basic class,
    • probably less effective/more effected by body value than bow and arrows
    • could be javelins, knifes, axes, darts or simply rocks
  2. basing on “1.” not infinite arrows/throwing weapons, and therefor secondary weapons that are used if no arrows/javelins/whatever available

  3. timer based changes on objects/hearthlings, kind of like the plants growing just probably way longer timers otherwise my idea of using this mechanic will get really annoying.

    • this is more of a question of will this slow down the game too much if the timers are very long/there are to many timers, since their are already timed processes in game (like plants growing, status effects) and also timers aren’t a hard thing to code (I think)
    • first use of this mechanic: hearthlings body/spirit/mind values decrease over time so the training mechanics of the “MBS Training” Mod or the “Self Improvement” Mod would be more important
    • second use: decreasing of knowledge in professions that hearthlings that changed their profession for a long time (something like 1 level each year, timer resetting after crafting some amount of items in their profession, which would also need a counter of crafted items after last timer reset. Again I don’t have an idea of how much such things impact game speed, especially if there are like 30 hearthlings, many of which have multiple professions, that their skills might decrease in. Why should they have that much professions if you have enough hearthlings? Well that’s also about another idea I’ll get to)
    • third use: I’m still thinking about if children (that grow up step by step with timed stages) couldn’t be implemented in some way, I really like to create families and stuff like that in games (I know I read a discussion on the topic of children in this game long time ago, and the issues that would come with them with time scaling and aging and so on, but I still think about how it might be possible to get them in there in a way that makes sense)
  4. jobs that need to heathlings to work together

    • I’m not completely sure of what uses there are to this but I think there could be some potential there
    • either by task that need two persons of the same job (or maybe different jobs I don’t know, maybe there is something that might make more sense that way) at the same time or by a talisman that promotes two heathlings at once to the same job that will act kind of as one person (in that job) and will loose their job if one promotes to another one (those were the 2 ways I thought about it, there might be another way I haven’t thought of as well of course)
  5. male/female specific jobs (no I don’t want political discussion about equality or anything like that, please. I just wondered about it)

    • came across this question because of my wish to implement children
    • shouldn’t that be just an if statement somewhere?
  6. secondary, tertiary jobs (maybe up to 5 or so, might also if it’s possible at all)

    • because playing with two hearthling and constantly changing their jobs is annoying
    • also because this would create a wide area of creating “hobby jobs” that I wouldn’t make as primary jobs
    • probably with an order of priority
    • eventually replacing the harvesting/mining/restocking/building “jobs” that you can activate and deactivate, and making those jobs as secondary jobs (which the hearthlings maybe could level up in to a certain degree)
    • maybe not the same jobs as available for the primary ones, maybe also “minor versions” of the primary ones, e.g. more specific ones, lower level cap (someone who is mason as secondary job won’t get above level 3 or something along those lines)
    • probably possibility to deactivate each job
    • would make using the training mechanics mentioned in “3.” easier (probably the scholar/whatever jobs would make more sense as secondary jobs)
    • “hobby jobs” like painting, music, gardening, collecting?, whatever someone’s hobby might be, to improve mood of the one who does it, maybe improving the mood of others maybe reversed effect on others (traits about preferences?)
      • maybe these shouldn’t be changeable to often (timer?)
    • if “4.” is possible: “relationship jobs”? (friends, foes (whyever someone would want their hearthlings to be that) spouses, drinking buddies :merry: )
      • I don’t know if job system is the best way to go about relationships, but it was the only way that I thought of it without creating a completely new system that (at least in my thoughts) would need a lot more work put into it, this way it would only use mechanics that could be used in other ways as well,
        although this might turn game more into a role play game (but I still want to create a hearthling family :roll_eyes:)
  7. relationship system (well I just shared my thoughts on that)

  8. making mood more important, I don’t know in what way but I realized when I thought about the “hobby jobs” in “6.” that I felt when playing that the mood does not effect that much. I just wanted to throw it in there

  9. world border not the way it is

    • I think I read about years ago as well but I can’t really remember
    • which way instead:
      • some more area generated outside of the playable map, that has an invisible border both for playing and for camera movement
      • covered with fog or whatever
      • well I know it basically not possible but I wish there was a way of some Minecraft like chunk-based (generated and loaded) map that gets bigger if you let hearthlings go near the edge, and cover the edge with fog until a hearthling does go there

Again to remind you, I have no idea of how hard it to do any modding that isn’t just editing parameters.
To those that know about how to mod/the boundaries of modding, first of feel free to use any of these ideas to bring them into existence, secondly tell me what might be possible, what’s not at all, what would probably be too much work for too little of gain in gaming experience.
To everyone: Any additions to what might be possible to do with these ideas?

Btw. I’m no native speaker if you don’t know what I mean by something I wrote, ask and I’ll try to explain

Kind regards
someone who appreciates anybody who makes the game a better experience

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  1. Very possible, not so difficult/no coding involved. I actually have throwing weapons already implemented (javelins, sling and bolas) on an unreleased version of the Primitive Armory mod… Shame on me! I’ll release it… eventually :jubilant:

  2. Possible, would require some coding and perhaps some AI for ammo refilling.

  3. All possible, not so simple, would require some coding.

  4. Possible, also not simple and would require a lot of coding.

  5. Very possible, requires some simple coding.

  6. Possible, requires a lot of coding. Personally, I’d not have hobbies and such as a “job”, or sub-job, and would maybe have them as traits or free activities. Either way, any of these approaches would require a lot of coding.

  7. Possible, would require some coding. (a lot or not so much depending on how deep)

  8. ACE already makes mood a bit more important but yeah, it can definitely be made even more important. No coding required if simple changes (tweaking the mood buffs); some coding required for more specific stuff.

  9. Possible but would probably be very complicated, lots of coding involved.

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If weapons could be thrown, I think it would make the early stages easier, but it would burden the game. You know, the optimization is poor
But rather than throwing weapons, I would prefer to be able to manually assign equipment users like a designated bed user (in some cases this feature is really needed)
Sorry, this is just my personal idea
At the same time, I really admire you module creators who have made the game more complete!

My idea with 6. and the “hobby-jobs” was to maybe also make them somewhat productive with workshop and tools, I don’t know if traits/free activities can produce stuff (doesn’t need to be player-controlled).

Otherwise thanks for the response and also thanks for the mods that you already created (although some of them won’t let my game start :glum:, probably conflicting with other ones, but I still have to figure out with which ones)

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List the mods you have andpeople can tell which mods are not compatible