Update Modding Guide?

Do you guys think that you could update/finish your modding guide before you go? There are a few categories like how to add trees, static scenarios, or farmable crops that aren’t completed that would be really useful to the tons of new modders that are going to get into Stonehearth over the many years of it being fully released. I’m sure we all would appreciate it! :merry:

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Some decent documentation for us considering your effectively saying the game is ‘“complete” and you’re not doing much more to it’ would be nice. Maybe add it directly into the game files so it wont get lost would be nice too.

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i was planning on make a crop soonish, ill see if i cant make notes for you at least :wink: ?

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That would be helpful :grin:

Updating the modding guide will be a major focus between the 1.0 release and December.


Speaking about modding @max99x
I assume at some point you guys concidered mounts for enemies/players

Say someone would like to mod in, for instance, wolf riders. Any things you ran into making it impossible? Or hints in which direction to look?
Cause I’m assuming I can’t just give a wolf chair coding and have a hearthling sit on it…

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But that unfairly descriminates against people who are good at reverse engineering from source code! How did else will i feel special?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What you’re gonna probably want to do there is treat it the same as a piece of equipment which, when equiped, swaps out the skeleton and full animation set of the hearthling (which sound like a lot of animation work)

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yeah i was hoping for something more practical :stuck_out_tongue:
seeing as the eyes arent technicly even stuck to the head, it may be easier to make feet invisible on the hearthling, give mounts a feet slot, when mounted show the feet in stirrups (non moving) and sync up the location of the mount and the hearthling riding. that way they can keep their own animations for movement/fighting etc. would take a bunch of AI shenanigans though.

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I’ve thought about making a mount mod myself, Hearthlings on horses sounds adorable, and maybe mules could be used by workers to carry more resources at once :wink:

havent you just started modding :stuck_out_tongue: ? not to sound…mean but seriously start with something more managable, even bloody BrunoSupremo hasnt tackled mounts yet :stuck_out_tongue: and he’s bloody bruno :’)

All concepts for the future, I’ll work on my first project and see what I do from there. I just have lots of ideas :merry:

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those are good :slight_smile: !, any idea on what you are goign to start with? (i’d advise simple items, its what basically everyon starts with)

You know what I’m starting with, just my little dyes mod, then I have some other things I might do that I won’t bring up just so nobody steals my ideas XD

ah yes :slight_smile: i remember

Would also love to see more modding guide information, maybe an example of how to create new classes. I’m trying to muddle my way through figuring it out and it’s not very easy, even utilizing SHED.


how to crop.docx (65.8 KB)

@Hunnie i missed some details but this should get you a long way into making a custom crop.

its doesnt show you how to change a model, how to add it to the manifest, or how to tell a kingdom to actually grow them, but if you get that far ask again and ill gladly help you out.

(made this little write up while making afbeelding