Voxel Pirate's Tutorials n' Stuff (Overview)

As there will be more and more tutorials, guides, spoilers, etc. which I plan to share, some kind of repository or overview seems to be a good idea… and here we go :wink:.

Current Tutorials / Guides: :white_check_mark:

Stonehearth Add-On for Blender (Animation): :white_check_mark:

Video-Tutorials: :white_check_mark:

So far on YouTube, most older, but will be updated soon ™. Also including Blender- and Qubicle-Tutorials.

Old (Pre Alpha 10): :negative_squared_cross_mark:

The following tutorials will not work with the latest release of Stonehearth. However, they can still provide some insights into modding the game :wink:.


Big Thank You for making this topic :thumbsup: Really good explanations! Thank You!

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wow, its almost like we have a “helping hand”, guiding the masses towards helpful information… :angel:

will this list contain only your own tutorials, or will it perhaps become a repository for all sorts of tutorials?

Selfish as I am I was thinking first of all about my own tutorials… so I also find them without searching for them too long :wink:.

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nah, not selfish… you’ve just produced … well, virtually all the tutorials to date! :smile:

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Awesome! And worth noting that within Preview of the Journal, @sdee breaks down for us all how to add a command as well :smile:


… as Stephanie just did provide some indepth details in the thread about adding custom views.

P.S. Just added an indicator (:white_check_mark:) for threads with some additional information provided by the devs.

Update: Added a link to the new tutorial (custom animations).


How would I make an object farmable? ive tried looking in the files but cant seem to find it, is that just a hardcoded thing?

There is a file that you have to mixinto that has a list of all the available crops.
Here it is: stonehearth -> services -> server -> farming -> data -> initial_crops.json

Edit: If you meant harvestable, like boulders or trees, you add this:

“stonehearth:resource_node”: {
“task_group_name” : “stonehearth:task_group:harvest”,
“harvest_overlay_effect” : “/stonehearth/data/effects/harvest_plant_overlay_effect”,
“description” : “harvest_plant”,
“resource”: “item produced when harvested (e.g. stonehearth:oak_log)

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Updated (and resurrected) my overview-thread. Hope to add soon more actual tutorials.