Step by Step Guide to Modding in Stonehearth

I’v been looking to develop my own class for awhile now, but in terms of modding Stonehearth I have 0 experience and was wondering if there are any video guides out there.

I’v tried using written guides but so far I end up getting lost in most of them.

Have you tried reading through the guide yet:

There is an example necromancer class mod at GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_class: Example mod for adding a class to Stonehearth which the devs made a long time ago, but it is a little outdated.


Beyond this, class modding is rather tricky, honestly I would not start with that unless you have a different background in coding like modding other games or a formal education. Usually people start with “stuff” modding ( weapons, items) so they understand where everything is before they try the fiddly things

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It also depends on which kind of class do you want to implement. Crafting and combat classes can be more or less copied from existing jobs, but for other classes like the producers (trapper, farmer, shepherd) or custom classes (idk, a necromancer) it requires more scripting.

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