UI and Hearthling Generation Improvements Mod

So…Its been a while ya’ll. My last post was November…of 2014.

Its been a crazy (4 years!? 4 years?! no way). Married, moved 3 times, have a kid now. But I’m finally getting back into playing this wonderful game (games in general) and have a little time to dive back into the community.

So hello! If you’re newer around here, its a pleasure to meet you, if you’ve been around a while, hey! Good to see you again.

Now for my question:
As I’ve been playing around, I’ve noticed there are mods to adjust the stats your hearthlings can start with, but is there a way to customize the special talents/skills/attributes they get? If not the in-game generated ones, at least the ones on the setup screen? Is there already a mod for this I’m not finding?

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Yes, there’s a mod called Super Mod which lets you change the stats they start with. You also have Monkey’s Mod which allows you to have more traits and attributes. You’re also welcome to add those to your Stonehearth.json file manually (but it’s not advised if you’re novice at scripts or c).

The only monkey’s mod I’ve found adds new traits, but doesn’t allow you to select which ones you want at generation.
I also haven’t found an in-depth explanation anywhere for what the stat/effect things for each trait are. Like, if they’ve always wanted to be a farmer, does being one make them better at it, or just happier? or both?

The traits mod will give you random new traits, you can reroll if you don’t like. If they are a “Passionate ________”, then they will level faster in that field and make more diamond+ level items. The better quality of the items, the more money they sell for


there currentl isnt a mod that allows you to customis which hearthling get which trait. the stats they get at the start are kingdom based (AC, raya, NA) and can indeed be modded higher or lower -on average- also not perfectly configurable.

beyond that, welcome (back)!

Alright, so then, here is some ideas for what I’d like to do, based upon what I’ve read in other posts and my own desires for the UI. Its been a long time since I did some programming, so I’ll need some refreshers, so if someone wants to come along side and help me get started/point me in the right direction, I’d love that.

  1. Put arrows above and below the mind/body/spirit in the customize party menu, and allow people to increase/decrease the stats there once they’ve been generated. This would be limited to between the min/max set elsewhere.

  2. Have the traits clickable, which would bring up a menu where you can choose from all available traits (preferably be able to include modded in ones as well). Keep the max of 2 traits? Or allow more? It looks likes there’s space for them to have more, but I’ve never seen more than 2 on one.

  3. Option to turn on a tooltip that, when you hover over either a stat or an ability, it gives a breakdown of numbers each thing affects. Example, 2 body would show increase in speed: 5% (or however many it is), then when you see the same tool tip on 6, it would show 15% (or whatever).

  4. With all that, then maybe make an option for starting with a total pool of points, and as you change abilities/stats, it gets spent. This would need to be toggle-able between randomized and this (maybe option menu again?). The hearthlings would start with something like 2’s across and 1 neutral trait, and you have 20 points to adjust them all how you’d like.

  5. Others have asked for it, and I’d like it as well: when a hearthling levels up in game, as part of the pop up, have you choose a stat to increase for them. Once again, limited to being within the min/max set elsewhere (so maybe set max to 8 or something as a base?)

So that would be the goals of this. I currently don’t know how to do all of it, but I have the skills to find out. So this is a project that could take some time. As I said above, any help in speeding up the process would be appreciated, and feedback on whether this is something people would like would also be appreciated.

Edit: can a mod move the posts before this one to general discussions or something so that this post is the start of a new mod development post? Figure that would be easier to follow, and I posted this before I thought of starting a new thread. If I should just start a new thread, let me know. Thanks


Sounds useful. :slight_smile:
I like the idea of a pool of points for stats. I don’t know if the current random generation uses a pool of point to balance it. Feels likely. Either way, I would suggest to still distribute the points randomly, like they do now, and just add the option to subtract from one place and put it in the pool so that you can add them elsewhere. Just so you don’t have to manually design every hearthling but just adjust the ones you’re not happy with.
Maybe for the trait you could do something like allow more positive traits if you first pick negative once to balance it. Not necessarily on the same hearthling.

About moving the posts, you could just edit your first post. Either move your list of goals there or put a link there to the post with the goals.