[MOD] Max Citizen Stats

This simple mod causes all citizens to be created with maximum values for mind, body and spirit and derived attributes like speed and health as well. So you will always get 6-6-6 citizens which are statistically the identical.

It’s not really balanced, but since someone was asking about raising stats I thought I’d share it.

Download for Alpha 14, r524: max_citizen_stats (A14 r524).zip

To install unzip it into your mods folder ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\mods’.

Compatibility wise, all that is modified is the attribute ranges which are used in citizen creation so it should work fine with any mod which doesn’t override base_human.json or also alter those settings.

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Hey do you want to add it to Praise?

This is no longer working for Alpha 16. Is there a way to get this updated?

you can use the debugtools to manually change hearthling stats

did enjoy this little mod in the past. Anyone know when it is suitable for alpha 16?


This mod is working but in order to work, you must check the random hearthlings attribute in your settings.

continuing a save file before this mod will leave the existing hearthlings in their default stats and only generate a max stat hearthling on the next settlement check

be warned, base_human (script responsible for the hearthlings’ stats) is associated with mob’s stats so theory is if hearthlings have max stats then mobs also have max stats. Don’t know if this true since the settings states Randomize Hearthlings Attributes.

edited 2x:
turns out there’s a bug after all, if you activate and play you previous save file, save the game even when you don’t get a new hearthling, then deactivate it and load your save, all of your hearthlings will have max stats (mind,body, spirit) but attributes (muscle, curiosity, creativity, etc.) will remain unchanged.