[A22.5+] Max Hearthling Stats


This mod causes all citizens to be created with maximum values for mind, body and spirit. So you will always get 6-6-6 citizens. Not really balanced, but this was asked for so here it is!


Download for 0.22.5 here: Github
Download for 0.23.0 here Github


  • Remove any previous files from Max-Hearth-Stats (max_hearth_stats.smod).
  • Download the latest stable version from above.
  • Copy the “max_hearth_stats.smod” file to “…/Stonehearth/mods” directory.
  • Launch Stonehearth and check if “max_hearth_stats” is activated in Mods tab of the settings panel.
  • Start a new game and all new settlers will have a 6 for mind, body and spirit.
  • Enjoy!



This mod should be compatible with all mods assuming the following files are not edited:

  • stonehearth/services/server/population/data/ascendancy_population.json
  • stonehearth/services/server/population/data/rayyas_children_population.json
  • rayyas_children/data/rayyas_children_population.json
  • stonehearth/services/server/population/population_faction.lua


v2.0 for Alpha 0.23.0 Release 771 - 12/22/17
  • Compatibility with latest build branch on Steam (Alpha 0.23.0 Release 771)
v1.1 for Alpha 0.22.5 Release 763 - 12/15/17
  • Sets the stats for daily quest hearthlings acquisitions to max
v1.0 for Alpha 0.22.5 Release 763 - 12/09/17
  • Compatibility with Alpha 0.22.5 stable release
  • Max starting hearthling stats

quick question, do citizens joining your town later in the game also get these max stats?

thanks very much

Currently citizens gained from the daily quest aren’t getting the maxed
stats, I’m hoping to push an update tonight to fix this! Sorry for the

Hello all!

Just a small update here to bring you the stats for daily quest hearthlings acquisitions bring to max as intended!

Just download the v1.1 version of the mod on github as usual! --> Github Releases

love the idia but

ummmm dosent work for me on 23 test version

Hello all! Just another small update here to bring you compatibility with the latest branch on Steam, that is Alpha 0.23.0 Release 771! Please only use the updated version if you are actively playing the newest release!

Just download the v2.0 version of the mod on github as usual! --> Github Releases

@Bock326 Let me know if you have any issues!

Thanks you!! : D

works well w/ other mods and alone for me. Im so exited! Great mod


Hi all. Anyone else having issues with being unable to sell to traders, or even receiving them? I’m getting error messages saying that this mod is the cause

This mod is outdated. It is overwriting some files and causing errors because it does not match with the current game anymore.

Which game version are you using? This currently works on 0.22.5 and 0.23.0 Release 771. I haven’t had time to update past that yet.

That would explain it. I’m on 790. And I think 791 just updated itself on my steam library.

Hi mate, you might have a bug:

It’s not this mod - it’s the random stats 1-10 that I’m using that caused the error - thanks though!

This currently works on 0.22.5 through 0.23.0 Release 771. This is not updated for builds past 0.23.0 Release 771. There is no bug, it just doesn’t support the newer versions yet.