Super Mod makes Hearthlings have Higher base stats

I have made a mod to make your Hearthlings superhuman it changes the Mind, body, and spirit to higher values.
I have one for 16, 100, and 1000

SuperMod16.smod (6.2 KB)

SuperMod100.smod (6.2 KB)

SuperMod1000.smod (6.3 KB)

these values can easily be changed to whatever you want. but if you don’t feel comfortable messing with code and the value you want is not currently available just make a comment on what values you want and I can make one when I have time.

@CrazyCandy requested this:
SuperMod1-1000.smod (6.3 KB)
Its suposed to be a random between 1 and 1000
Let me know if the values need to be ajusted like the minimum is too low or too high or the max is too low or too high

@Kitkat_Matt requested this:
SuperMod1-10.smod (6.3 KB)
it supposed to be random between 1 and 10

Here is a video on how to modify my mod. so you can make your own version of my mod

I now have a Rayyas children version
reqested by @Fernando_Ambrona1

SuperModRayyas1000.smod (4.8 KB)

these mods are now on the workshop!


Damn this look amazing and this could be fun for somebody who looking to get ahead of the game quick

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I wonder if you could make a version where the values vary for each hearthling.

like 1-1000?
yes i could do that

Like this? @CrazyCandy


Yup! Just like that! :slight_smile:

@CrazyCandy I made it let me know if the values need to be adjusted

What is the file for the 1-1000? I don’t want to mess with the code as I’m not experienced. Also is this for A23?

Thanks in advance.

@KoleGuen05 its supposed to be random between 1 and 1000. instead of the vanilla random between 1 and 6
This should work for the latest version

So how much does this actually speed up Hearthling movement, XP gain, whatever else scales up with their stats?

the movement speed I believe has to do with muscle so if your muscle is 1000 you move super fast. I’m not sure of the exact values on how it influences speed and XP gain, the only thing I modified is the max and minimum values of mind body and spirit.

Awesome! I gave it a try, and it was hillarious, but quite weird at the same time. Apparently, the game isn’t ready for Hearthlings going with inhuman speeds, so as time went, more and more errors popped up, and Hearthlings sometimes got stuck in infinite loops of trying to sleep.

  • Hearthlings run faster than the speed of light
  • They gain so much XP that they level up every time they sneeze
  • Once high enough level, everything crafters craft is “purple quality”
  • Footmen one shot kill every enemy
  • However, animations, such as crafting and fighting, aren’t sped up. It’s quite hillarious seeing superhuman Hearthlings zip from one end of the map to the other, only to see them struggle picking up a damn flower.

That’s why I made this mod because it’s quite hilarious. yea I’m not sure how to fix the infinite loops. the only way i could stop the infinite loops is to save and reload or shift+F5.
I’m working on trying to speed up other things like the animations

I would love for someone to make a mod that allows higher stats but randomly. So rather than 6 being the max, make it like, 10 and have it be just like the vanilla random roll.

I can do that. that’s easy.

YOU CAN!? >W<!!! yays! I don’t want my hearthlings to be OP, But i’d love for a chance to get a better hearthling more frequently. I’ve had multiple reloads because I got stuck with 1/2/2 and stuff. These hearthlings tend to be absolutely USELESS for almost all things including mining because they’re so slow at hauling what they mine back to town. Granted this issue would be fixed if there was a way to make proper minecart transportation. but MEH until such a time I don’t want to have to deal with 1’s and 2’s :confounded:

I could also change the minimum to something higher and keep max at 6 and/or make it more likely to get 6

NO, as much as it pains me to get a 1/2 I don’t want to flat out cheat and make those low number rolls completely unavailable. I know it sounds like I want my cake and eats it too, I want higher stats, but I don’t want to flat out get rid of the lowest stats, yet I admit I’ve reloaded so whats the point? well, when I want to play it straight I DO I only reload and let it reroll when it’s in such a situation where I absolutely need a specific hearthling to spawn.

getting low stats would still be possible it would just be less likely

naw I want the chances to be just as they are, I just want a wider range of stats. See the higher the numbers go the lower the chances are for those lower stats to get rolled in the first place, that’s how odds work after all.