Super Mod makes Hearthlings have Higher base stats


i can make that happen and have the max at 6 if you want


@Kitkat_Matt is this what you want?


yassss that’s exactly what i want.


@Kitkat_Matt ok, I uploaded it. test it out let me know if some tweaking needs to be made.


thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3 <3 <3


Hey! Is it working for the current version? Cannot make it work.
Also, tried to mod the code a little to make it min 75 and 100 max, but it’s not working.
(Never moded Stonehearth, just know my way around code).
Any advice to make this work?


This mod seem amazing but my question is say i download the max 16 skill will all my hearthling have it or will only the first 7 that you begin with have it


I don’t know how to code and I didn’t look at the mod it self I just find the idea very interesting
Is there a way to easely change the max and min number
ex I want them to be between 5 and 20 but someone else want them to be 1 and 100, without you doing a specific version for each of us ?


i wish there was a mod that allowed hearthling progression allowing them to gain stats by doing certain tasks,

  • mine and haul and gather enough times and gain a point in body

  • talk, socialize, show you’re caring and interact basically and gain a point in spirit

  • show interest in certain things like crafting, craft enough things, maybe even have hearthlings that don’t craft randomly find or give them extremely basic crafting for things like extremely low benefit bandages or something immediately after a battle that requires them to defend the town with the combat focused hearthlings, and BAM a Mind point.

I’d love for a mod like this but sadly they don’t exist :frowning:


I like the idea of being able to set a min and max when you go to start the game but I don’t know how to do that I am an amateur modder. if any modders want to help me do that that would be great!
but in the meantime. I could make a video on how to edit the code so you can change it to whatever values you want. it’s simple.


i’m not talking about setting a min and max. i’m talking about allowing hearthlings regardless of their stats to grow in those stats to get better. I’m sure there would be a max that any hearthling could grow in so like…let’s say that hearthlings could only grow in any one specific stat 4-5 times in total so the max a hearthling could have in body would be 11 if they kept the 6 max starting stat.


i was replying to DukeArchibald. not you @Kitkat_Matt


@Kitkat_Matt I was thinking a similar thing to you here:


yes thats a great idea. so long as it works in some way that hearthlings can grow i’ll be happy.


Did you change both files? In the 2 folders? Both files need to be changed. Not just one or the other.
If you grab the SuperMod1-100 and go into both files and edit the bace human file change the minimum of 1 to 75 and then go in the ascendancy population and do the same thing there it should work.
Also did you change the mod folder extension back to .smod?


All Hearthlings will be 16/16/16 even new ones, With the mod enabled. It will even work with an old save game. But once you play a world with the mod enabled it will mess up your hearthling stats. So if you go into a game that you played with the mod enabled all the Hearthling will be 16/16/16 but if you play the same game again without the mod enabled the Hearthlings you had will be at 6/6/6 but new Hearthlings will be normal stats.


That awesome to hear that all Hearthlings will be at 16/16/16 then i might have to try this one out or just wait until the link for the max 10 thing you were talking about earlier with somebody else because that also seem fun


yes to both XD

you should really do a small tuto on how to change the min/max value while you get better at coding to add a config ingame for that :slight_smile:


SuperMod1-10 is available now at the top


Awesome can’t wait to try it out :smile::smile::smile: