Suggestion: Let us edit stats (and in the long term also appearance) for the initial hearthling rooster

I have been starting many games now and have found myself rerolling the initial team in order to get some “good” hearthlings to begin the game with. It would be great if at least we could edit their stats (constrained by some rule, so we don’t get an unbalanced team).
Thank you for your time!

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Obviously this should never be coded into game (else what’s the point of stats?) but if you feel you really need some terminators, you can do that editing the base_human.json file.


I am not looking for terminators, just a couple of decent soldiers and a decent crafter. Anyway, it’d be good for testing mainly. If they think it’s better to keep it random, I understand.
Thanks for the alternative solution!

If you don’t want to mod stuff, there is a console command you can use the make your guys stats whatever you want. Just target the guy you want to change a stat on and type: set_attr #. should be replaced with either body, mind or spirit. # should be the number you want the stat to be. So set_attr body 6 will give your hearthling 6 body (and update the derived stats appropriately).

Needless to say, use in moderation! It may cheapen the fun.


Thanks for the suggestion.
It’s usually a minor annoyance to have to reroll for a couple of minutes. I would have to be extremely unlucky to have to use these methods.
I was only thinking of this because I find that pressing a button to generate random hearthlings is not the most fun of mechanics ^^.

By the way @Tuhalu, those commands do not work. They are not recognized by the console.

Hmm. Looks like you need the Debugtools mod from here to use those console commands.

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I can understand your suggestion, I did not get any hearthling with good soldier stats in my last game.

BUT I too have to say, NO please not.
I am with beatrice.

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Maybe a system like in an RPG can work, where you can spend points towards certain attributes. You can divide them however you want to. But you always have a limited amount points available.

Say you want a town full of mages, you give lots of point to the mind and less to physical. But if you want a town full of hunters, you could divide most of it to the physical, but there will be less point left for mind…


@RLG That was what I was thinking ^^

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Yeah points buy PLEASE!

D&D uses a points buy system (one of the stat rolling systems you can chose).

Basically you assign a weight to each value.

For stonehearth I’d imagine something like:
6 = 6 pts
5 = 5 pts
4 = 4 pts
3 = 3 pts
2 = 2 pts

All hearthlings start with 1 in each stat. To raise a stat from 1 to 2, you have to pay 2 pts. to raise it to 3 you have to pay 3 points. So to raise a stat from 1 to 6 you’d have to pay 20 points.
Depending on difficulty, players would start with:
Easy = 300 points and 300 gold.
Normal = 200 points and 150 gold.
Hard = 150 points and 75 gold.

That would allow you to have atleast one 6/6/6 and various combinations. Or various combinations of 4s and 5s.

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