Specific Starting Roster

Can dev team or mod maker create a roster table so specific that we can also choose what specific skills we want on the hearthlings and also the stat numbers (if the calculation is possible). even with the designable hearthlings, it takes so long to pick out starting hearthlings because of the incidental negative traits or lack of number in their stats that is hard to synchronize for the perfect starting hearthling. thanks for reading.

or perhaps just add the dice specifically for traits and another specifically for stats, like having dice for hearthling looks.

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But the point is that your hearthlings have personality, it would be boring if they were all perfect. I was kind of against being able to re-roll individual hearthlings for this reason. You can now lock in the perfect ones and get rid of the non-perfect hearthlings.

(ignore this one. wrong edit lel)

But I can say for sure they still can make you reroll all hearthlings and have fun with non perfect ones, but to me doing I ask, the dev team can cater to more customer. mainly the perfectionist ones.

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You are not forced to give the right job to them, you can safely ignore, nothing happens. The point is IF you give the job, they get a little happier, but if not, they don’t care.

Besides, green thumb is about any interaction with plants, this means that the farmer is not the only one to benefit from it. Cooks and herbalists also can benefit. And again, there is no penalty if you give this stats to other professions, they will simple be neutral.

well I like seeing them happy. I have a belief that people (hearthling in this case) should do what they are best and passionate at. So I like it better if they do as the stats and traits they are given. That’s why I take a long time trying to find that “perfect” hearthling. And the reason why I put this discussion. Variety sure, bad variety though is just going to hold back. I’m not a very patient person even though I like rts games like these.

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