New Hearthlings come with desired jobs

When a new hearthling comes to town, he/she could already have a few jobs in mind that he/she would like to do.

For example.

Bob is new to town, bob likes farming and carpentry, but hates blacksmithing.

You have as many farmers as you want and carpenters.

You assign bob blacksmithing, Bobs blacksmithing skill now increases much slower than other hearthlings that would be assigned to blacksmithing and may not top out at level 6. He may just top out at level 5.

Now, instead of Bob, Jim comes to down, he loves blacksmithing. You assign him to that, bam, he’s already level 2 and has increased exp rate.

So those two didn’t show up, now Pam came to town, she doesn’t hate blacksmithing, but she’d rather do farming.

You assign Pam blacksmithing… stats as per normal in game now.

Thanks for the read.


well, thing is… that’s kind of already in the game.

hearthlings come with strength, faith, and intelligence. a hearthling with 4 intelligence, 2 strength, and 2 faith is a bad choice for a footman, but a great choice for a mason. so you shouldn’t put them as a strength-heavy class because it wouldn’t be good for that hearthling, but you should put it in an intelligence-heavy class (namely crafters).

now this only works in 3 fields, sure, but I’m pretty sure no one would be happy with getting a 6 intelligence and 1 strength hearthling just to have them hate carpentry but love archery.

it’s a nice idea, but it’s kind of already done with the natural stats of the hearthling.

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@Ridesdragons Could you enlighten me as to what stat does what?
why does 4 intelligence make for a better mason? is it simply the increase in experience gain?

Also, I do still like the concept, but instead of an experience gain, let it alter something else. Maybe they’ll wait and mock before doing the next job sometimes, or need more rest.

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Here are some details about stats. As we are in Alpha, this is all subject to change, and is already different than it was just a few alphas ago.

Each of the 3 stats, mind, body, and spirit are used to calculate a heartlings attributes. The 3 big stats are randomly generated when the Hearthling is spawned, and range from 1-6. Each stat has 3 attributes that it primarily influences, and all the stats can be seen on the Character Info screen in the game. Here is an example worker’s page:

Here are what each of the attributes do:

  • Diligence - Determines sleep duration - Value = Mind x 10 + [random value between 1 & 9]
  • Curiosity - Improves experience gain when crafting new items - Value = Mind x 10 + [random value between 1 & 9]
  • Inventiveness - Improves chance to craft fine items - Value = Mind x 10 + [random value between 1 & 9]

  • Muscle - Every 10 muscle increases weapon damage by 1 - Value = Body x 10 + [random value between 1 & 9]
  • Speed - How fast this hearthling moves - Value = 77 + Body x 3 + [random value between 0 & 5]
  • Stamina - Each point increases max health by 2 - Value = Body x 10 + [random value between 1 & 9]

  • Courage - Determines chance to flee in combat - Value = Spirit x 10 + [random value between 1 & 9]
  • Willpower - Determines health regeneration - Value = Spirit x 10 + [random value between 1 & 9]
  • Compassion - Determines maximum trapper pet count & Increases shepherd animal happiness - Value = Spirit x 10 + [random value between 1 & 9]

Hope that makes sense!


Wow, thanks a bunch for this super-detailed insight @jomaxro.
It totally is clear now why you’d want certain stats for certain hearthlings.

Of course I understand that this will likely change, but it’s very interesting to see the calculation of those values.
Thanks again



You are very welcome! One of the best things about Stonehearth itself being a “mod” is that we can open up the files and take a look. If you are ever curious about these stats (and if they change in a future Alpha) they are stored in the base_human.json file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods\stonehearth\mixins\base_human. In order to view the stonehearth.smod as a folder, simply rename it to and extract the files as you would any zip. I would strongly recommend copying the original stonehearth.smod somewhere safe before digging into the files, just in case, but you can always delete it and “verify game cache” if you mess anything up. Also, I believe the game looks at folders before smod files, so be careful about having both a folder and an smod in the mods folder.

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I don’t actually own the game as of yet, though I’m definitely going to buy it in the future.
I will definitely take a peek when I do.

Thanks again, and now let’s stop hijacking this thread, shall we :sweat_smile:


PFff… I never even knew that menu existed. Thanks, everything makes much more sense now.

Heck, i just figured out there was a town journal a couple hours ago.


Yep, and all the info I provided (except the calculations) are found it tooltips, so if you mouse over the stat in question, info will pop up!

ah, sorry, I didn’t pop back in until just now. thanks @jomaxro for stealing my thunder again clearing that up for deinara

I’m never gonna stop with this joke, am I lol


WOW! Thanks. And here I was still giving everyone with a large Strength the jobs because way back when I started playing, that helped all the classes. Now things will run more smoothly! :slight_smile: