Ideal Stats/ Point System

Ever since I looked at and voted on the Ideal Stat threads I have been trying to come up with the best way to get the ideal stats on your hearthlings. I don’t know what the Ideal Stat threads have come up for the communities opinion, but these are the stats that I have been using for my point system idea, and they may change depending on future factors such as introduction of fine items to the blacksmith and weaver, and/or the introduction of new classes:
Class Name Mind Body Spirit
Worker 3 3 3
Farmer 1 6 1
Cook 3 6 1
Trapper 1 6 1
Shepherd 1 6 3
Blacksmith 1 1 1
Engineer 3 1 1
Carpenter 6 1 1
Mason 1 1 1
Potter 6 1 1
Weaver 1 1 1
Herbalist 1 6 4
Cleric 3 6 4
Footman 1 6 5
Archer 3 6 4
Knight 3 6 6

I set the Worker as the base stat so that every Hearthling starts with 9 points that can be moved around. If you note though many of the classes I listed have a total stat of less than 9 points though and those would go into a (for lack of better term) community point pool[cpp] that can be assigned to any Hearthling. With the Stats that I used If you have 1 Hearthling in each Class and as many workers as you want there will be 9 spare points in the cpp. If they add fine items to the Mason, Weaver, and Blacksmith classes then raising the Mind on those classes to 3 will make it so you break even. Using those stats you end up 1 point short of breaking even if you set up for 1 Farmer, 1 Herbalist, 1 Carpenter or Potter, 1 Footman, and 3 Workers with your original 7 Hearthlings.

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Umm, I guess many people voted without knowing the classes very well…

  • Trapper only 1 spirit? Spirit increases the number of traps a trapper can set alot!

  • Cleric only 4 spirit but 6 body? While body is nice to have, clerics are not the main target most of the time since they stay back and heal from a safe distance, while their healing rate increases with spirit. Keeping your knights alive is way more effective protecting your cleric then having a high body

  • Mason only 1 mind? I know that mason is one of the least useful classes ingame right now, but getting him to lvl 3 can be a pain with only 1 mind, since the experience gain is extremely low. This, in turn, wastes alot of stone you could use for building etc.

Well, that’s just my opinion. But I’m really wondering about those stats.


This is actually a misconception, I looked it up and the number of traps set has nothing to do with the hearthlings spirit. The max # of traps in a zone is 4 and the number of traps (1, 2, 3, or 4) depends on the size of the zone set.

As I said at the beginning these are just the Stats I use, And I have them this way because the only units I have ever lost since the update are my Claric and my Archer. So I drop the Mind so he will run away sooner, and increased his body so he will last longer. Yes I know I take a slight hit to his healing ability (like 2 points per heal) but its a sacrifice I am willing to make.

As of right now except as the person that builds the upgrade fountains/statues the mason has no use other than aesthetics, and I very rarely if ever see someone playing The Ascendancy use the potter so promoting the mason isn’t a big deal. And in the case of Raya’s Children the mason is the promotion from potter and is currently almost completely useless on that map except once again as some one that makes aesthetic pieces. So he gets relegated down to lowest points.

Though I really wonder why you have created your own thread for this? There is the ideal stat thread already and I dont think your post adds anything that is worth making a new thread. No offense… I suggest that this gets merged with the big thread (@8BitCrab)

hmm… the “problem” with merging it is that other thread is part of a series of 4 threads for all the class types… unless there’s some other thread that i’ve missed (sorry, haven’t caught up in suggestions yet)

Well, he could’ve posted his stats for the classes in the specific threads then. I mean: If everyone would create their own thread now with their own ideas about “ideal hearthling stats”, then the forum would be full of such threads quite fast. I’m not against feedback, but I think it just doesnt deserve it’s own thread for the content it has. :slight_smile:

Except this isn’t about the specific stats. The primary focus was the Communal Point Pool System (CPPS) that I am trying to develope that I hope to be able to find someone that can make it into a mod. The stats are just the ones that I used to try to balance out a working list that utilises all the Points in the Pool. Using the stats that I listed most beginner builds with your original 7 Hearthlings are feasible, but I am having problems coming up with ways to implement it so that you can still use the CPPS ingame after the initial 7 with out doing a complete over haul on how you get new Hearthlings.

For the CPPS to work right Ideal stats for each class and the average stat of the worker ideally should equal the total Points in the Communal Point Pool (CPP) so that when a village/civilization is optimized at max capacity the CPP is at 0.

I was going to quote specific classes, but I have to argue with too many of them for the stats that you have.

  • Workers I don’t really care what their specs are. Nothing they do seems to be effected enough to matter.
  • Farmers are my dump skill. Unless I’m wrong, short of how fast they work, their skills don’t really matter either.
  • The cook would follow the farmer, just with a higher Mind.
  • Trapper / Shepherd I’ve read (in the past) work better with higher body and spirit. If you’re right though in your response to @AaronD, then this would be another class that stats don’t matter.
  • Blacksmith, Engineer, Carpenter, Mason, Potter, and Weaver I try to have the highest mind for. For personal lore sake (even though I know it doesn’t matter), I try to give the blacksmith, engineer, mason, and potter higher strengths.
  • Herbalist and Cleric I try to give high mind and spirit to. If I recall, spirit equals courage, and if my troops are getting slaughtered, I want my cleric in the middle of that holding the line.
  • Footman and Knight I only give high body and spirit, again for courage reasons.
  • Archer I try to give high body and mind. I feel like mind should effect their accuracy, but I’m sure it doesn’t. I don’t care about spirit is because once they level up, they stay so far away that it doesn’t matter.

Potter is how I make money with the Ascendancy early on in the game. Trays are worth 18g a piece and don’t require a lot of resources compaired to other high value items.

As I stated in my previous posts these stats are just the ones I used because they work out for my CPPS with a max of 20 Hearthlings and at least one Hearthling in every class. I am sure there are a ton of people out there that don’t agree with my stat choices, but they work for my CPPS and that point system is what this article was supposed to be primarily about. If Ideal Stats didn’t determine how the CPPS would be used I wouldn’t even have mentioned them at all.

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