Suggestion: Character Stat Improvement

Hello, I am still fairly new to this game but I think it would be nice if we could improve the stats of the hearthlings that come to our town. perhaps by making a class for each stat, for example if my hearthling becomes a student then during day time between meals he would go find a seat with his ‘book’ (the tool used to designate him as a student) and slowly gain exp upon reaching the next level his mind would permanently be increased by 1. I have had awful luck with the hearthlings and think that this would be just 1 more step towards being able to customize and improve your town.


I like this idea! :thumbsup:

One thing that will be coming soon (either Alpha 11 or Alpha 12) is the ability to re-roll your starting Hearthlings’ stats (and appearances). Additionally, if you save just before the Daily Report, you can accept the daily report’s new Hearthling, but if you don’t like their stats, you can exit and reload the save, and you’ll get new stats.