A small idea to better your heartlings

I know when you get a hearthling his or her stats are random. but I thought it would be a nice idea to be able to better them in someway. being able to increase there mind, body, and spirit stats…

mind could be increased by studying at a ‘hall of wisdom’ ( a library )

spirit could be increased at a ‘hall of souls’ (Temple)

body would be increased a ‘hall of courage’

this could open up the need to keep your heartlings ‘trained’ every day each of the stats could drop a bit ( up to .05 points)
each building would be able to train 2 or 3 Hearthlings and it would take a day for them to increase 1 stat ( could be random fomr .25 to 1 point)

this way no matter what your Hearthlings are you can make them better

(this last game I have 29 Hearthlings atm and only have 6 or 7 with a stat of 5 or 6)


I really like this idea! It would be pretty cool to have stuff like libraries which could also be linked with education in general. However, this then turns into a WHOLE new section of the game!

Great idea though, one to think about and possibly map out on paper =)


really like the idea of that @Fralee would had character to the game

This was actually mentioned previously in another thread:

[Class] Stat Trainers

The issue that came up is that, currently, the system only works from 1 to 6. This is a pretty small scale, meaning that being able to level up the stats shouldn’t be too common or easy–otherwise, what’s the point of having them? It gives more reason to use certain settlers for specific jobs and prevents a city of Omni-beings.

Granted, we need more implementation of these stats to have a greater effect on the game, but I feel that any sort of improvement to them should involve intensive resources and time and be a later-game possibility.

Perhaps random events or rare items might be one way to incorporate this idea earlier than anything player-made can be achieved, just to keep it limited.


hum, events might do the trick as well. never thoguth of that

I’m with @Atralane on this. I sort of like the idea as long as it is kept to minor tweaks, not to make everyone a generic 6/6/6 superhero.
Maybe just connect it to their job in some way. Like, give them +1 in the main stat of their job for every fourth level or something like that. That way if you have to give a job to someone who don’t really have the stats for it they will get better at it eventually.
If they already have a 6… I don’t think I would mind if they could get a 7 and even higher. It just means that they have reached a level of mastery that they can’t be born with. It just makes you care even more about that hearthling because someone just as good won’t come strolling into town the next day.

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hum, well if you could get all 6 for each stat it could be slow but because of a stat decay you would need to keep your Hearthlings trained…

more toward end game being able to have more hearthlings with all 6 or at least your attackers with 6 spirit and body, yoiur crafters with 6 mind ect it might help.