[Class] Stat Trainers

I was thinking about Hearthling stats, and how they could be improved in a way that makes sense, if they were going to be improved at all. So what came to mind is trainers… individual trainers for body, mind, and spirit. Each trainer would only be able to apprentice one student at a time to start out, but perhaps as they level up as trainers, they can take on more students. A trainer cannot teach beyond their own stat level.

Professor [Mind Trainer]
-Tool: Book
Passes on mind-expanding knowledge to the student(s), broadening their horizons.

Counselor [Spirit Trainer]
-Tool: Staff
Teaches techniques to quiet the outside world, and bring the inner world into focus.

Coach [Body Trainer]
-Tool: Whistle
Supervises activities designed to build strength, agility, and speed.

-Tool: Notebook
Studies under their mentor, striving to better themselves each day.

Students would be excluded from other town responsibilities, devoting themselves to study, just as the trainer devotes themself to teaching. You can take them out of their training by changing jobs.


I would say some kind of penalty would be into place, otherwise an average village will have 5/5/5 hearthlings after a couple of weeks. What’s the fun in that?

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The idea is pretty good but not at the actual stage. BUT as soon as TR introduce romance/wedding/childrens/(natural death), then yes that would be a pretty nice feature to create schools with professors to bet on the future of the city through smart new generations of hearthlings! :kissing_heart:

Ps, and btw, welcome aboard!

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That is actually not planned to be added though we are advocating for it strongly. (Or we where right now we just sit down and wait for stuff to happen)

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Perhaps one penalty we can apply, aside from the time spent with these Hearthlings being out of the workforce, might be a gradual decay of certain stats?

Maybe objects could be crafted that Hearthlings could use for stat upkeep as well. Training dummies, bookshelves, bonzai trees, etc.

This would create an actual, practical need for things that I think would make a nice aesthetic addition to settlements. Training grounds, zen temples, libraries, etc.

Also, thank you Beatrice.

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This gives me a different, related idea.

What if, instead of JUST schools, there were three facilities:

  1. Schools- This would, predictably, raise mind stat.
  2. Gym - This would raise body stat.
  3. Church - Spirit stat.

I know this SOUNDS like exactly what the OP recommended, but there’s a twist… I want to play off the marriage/children stuff. What if instead of improving a hearthling’s stats, sending children to one of the three facilities increased their likelihood of having a favorable distribution for that stat?

So let’s say, for example, that I want my newborn Bobby to be a carpenter when he grows up. I send him to the gym and school, but not church so much… and let’s say gym twice as often as school. When Bobby grows up, let’s say he has 10 points to distribute. Body would get 5, Mind would get 3, and Spirit would get 1… or something like that.

This would allow for a little control on the next generation’s stats, but without being as breaking as just getting your hearthlings to grind stats.

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@IronLeonem, but then you create a kind of paused time for the new born where you do what you say. The question is how so? because actually the stats are generated during the “conception”… To me it should be simple, the young hearthling is sent as you say in different structures until adult age (15 years old let’s say) and the result is he get his definitive stats at this moment.

SO tho get it right, we need to introduce genetic within the generation of the new citizen. On one hand part of the stats of his parents could be used as seed for new stats and on the other hand we can imagine that skin and hair color could also depend on the parents genome.

An example:

Henry is black skinned with blond hair, he got mind 4, body 5, spirit, 2.
Annabel is a blond white girl with mind 6, body 3, spirit 2.

The baby could be (roll1: 1/2) -> black or white and (roll2: 1/1) -> with blond hair
His stats could be (6+4/5) -> mind 2, (5+3/5) -> body 1.6 = 2, (2+2/5) -> spirit 0.8 =1 (all rounded to next full number)

Now for learning we add a bonus malus depending of the results, 1 got a malus (-0.3), 2 got nothing and 3 got a bonus (+0.3) to learning.

So during 15 years he can improve his stats but because of the malus on spirit, he won’t be able to max it naturally (we can then imagine some way to pass through the “natural” laws with special tasks or something).

So now let’s say you can gain 9 points of stats during 15 years (0.6 per year), you have the choice to modulate the experience of the child by sending him in some specific structures.
Here you may decide to max his spirit and normally you could do so, he is 1, you need 5 and you have 9 BUT here comes the spirit malus. 8 years in the church should theoretically add (80.6) = 4.8 = 5 BUT in reality you get (8(0.6-0.3) = 2,4 = 3 and a final spirit stat of 3+1 = 4.
So if you want to max the spirit by studies, you need 14 years (14*(0.6-0.3) = 4.2 = 5 to get a final spirit stat of 5+1 = 6.

In such case the final stats of the new hearthling would be mind 3 (the last year 2+0.6 = 2.6 = 3), body 2, spirit 6.

So the feature could be fully automated, when the new born arrive, a preceptor panel could open and present his base stats and ask you how you would like to distribute his points of learning (calculated based on the bonus/malus he get). You could do your choices then press ok and then the child during 15 years would be autonomous, wandering from school to gym to church to home, playing with other children or domestic animals during free time etc…
AND at 15 years old, a special event would happen to make him an adult, kind of banquet or something in his honor.

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I’m thinking that the idea from @Klokkwork is good but with a limit. To avoid ending with all hearthlings having 6/6/6 after a while, we could limit how much they can increase the stat throug training. Let’s say a maximum of +2. So, if a hearthling with an original Body of 2 goes to the gym he will, after sometime, be able to increase it up to 4. But that will be the maximum.

Have Fun, Kyth.

What if we got a point to spend into their stats when the Hearthlings get a level with their job ?
When “demoting” a Hearthling, he keep his current stats with the modifications.
But he don’t get extra point when a level is gained and which is beneath the max level in an other job he had before.
But with that, workers should have experience and level too.

This way and that 'll make an extra 6 points and the RPG side of the game 'll be respected

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Training through work is also a good idea. Should the points be assigned by the player or by the game depending on the job?. I prefer the second option. But then, what happens if the hearthling already has the max in said stat? And, as you said, we’ll need to figure a way to train the workers too.

Have fun, kyth.

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I was gonna say stat trainers would be kinda cheaty, cause you could just max everybody out, but if it takes a load of time, and age is in play, then yeah. Makes sense.

THEN I thought about kids. Oh yeeah! Make 4 life stages. Baby: No stats. Child: All 1s. Young Adult: All 1s but you get to train them up. Maybe a point each from the parent’s highest scores. Then some kind of task must be done to make them an adult. School (1 point in mind, 3 to spend), Seminary (1 point Spirit, 3 to spend), Military academy (1 point Body, 3 to spend). Of course, then you’ve got building assigned as things instead of objects. I like how I just build an anvil and get to do what I want with it. Whatever I put it in BECOMES the Blacksmith shop.

I don’t like the idea of having to build a certain building to get something done. The vague nature of the game lends itself to a lot of player interpretation. I love that aspect. The details are up to me. And you, and you, and YOU!

After considering the different options and what have been said. Taking into account that the hearthlings already gain skills through jobs I think that the best way to do this would be to increase stats is training. Training would require:

  • A workshop, like a writting table for mind or exercise bench for
  • The supervision of a mentor, with a stat higher than the student,
    that could only train up to his lvl in that stat and only a maximum
    of +2 over the original student’ stat.
  • A lot of time per +1 increase.
  • Not doing anything else while studying. (or mentoring, up to you
    whether a mentor can have more than one student. I’d say no.)

This would also serve to prepare baby hearthlings, if they ever get implemented. (they are doing it for catle, so why not! :slight_smile: )
What do you think?

Have fun,Kyth.


Considering you can reload your save (if you save every morning before the opportunity arises) you can have better villagers anyway. I completely agree that villagers should be able to better themselves; perhaps from creating a “scholar” sub-profession after you’ve built some workstations (like bookshelf and study desk) in a school? It’d look awesome!

I like this idea combined with either the +2 maximum mentioned below and/or only allowing 1 of the 3 stats to be increased. So you have to be more selective in how you want the hearthling to grow.

I’m still not too sold on the idea. The 1-6 scale is surprisingly small when you think about it, so even a +1 improvement is huge. I’d rather see this in the Attributes, like Speed, Courage, Diligence, etc., since these all depend on that 1-6 scale. If you change that number, multiple Attributes increase across the board–and they all do different things.

Plus, restricting it to the Attributes offers more variety of options for such a dedicated class, compared to just the three big stats.

Could be a potential in both maybe?

How about a way to trade one stat for another? E.G a Footman has 6 body and 1 spirit, he can be punched all day and not feel a thing, but he’s too scared to try. By drinking a potion, or using an item, etc, he can lose 2 body points but gain 2 spirit points, bringing him to 4 Body and 3 Spirit. This would maintain the overall power of a villager but give people a bit more control without being too op.

That is interesting, but what would you do with a Hearthling with all low stats (I had a 1, 1, 1, Hearthling once…didn’t do much)? Not sure what the game would do with a -1 stat…thoughts?

Maybe there could be a few “cursed” classes in the game typical to RPGs, where lower health or traits result in massive boosts of power–risk for reward.

Though really, those classes need lots of micromanagement to make sure they don’t get blasted to smithereens…

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Hmm, I didn’t realise that could happen. There is the option of giving each settler 9 points that are randomly distributed between each stat, but this removes any chance of getting an exceptional villager or one that might need a bit more TLC. Maybe you could implement a gym, a church (or other politically correct place of worship) and a school as others have suggested that can train a less skilled villager up to the maximum of 9 points and at this point then stats would need to be traded?

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