Summary of all Hearthling Traits!

Here is a quick little something that I put together describing the current available traits for our Hearthlings.

Feedback is always welcome!


wow i didnt even know i needed this, but now i know for sure i do! Thank you QuirkyTurtle :jubilant:
And the graphics look awesome, nice and easy to get an overview over the different traits.

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I suppose you forgot the dream jobs?

here :

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I think this should be added to the wiki. It’s a lovely image and quite informative. Great job!:merry:

If you don’t have the time I’ll add it since I just updated the Getting Started page to reflect the changes.


Hi, I’m more than happy for this to be added to the wiki!
I would really appreciate if you could add it, I’m not very wiki savvy.

Out of curiosity, does cultist have any actual effect at the moment? Every other one causes some slight change in a Hearthling’s behavior but how does that one manifest?

Wondering the same thing Gaddiel. While it’s nice to have a composite of all the traits, it would also be great if we knew the actual benefits/drawbacks of some of them. Do “Passionate” crafters get a mood boost from being that crafter or an xp boost? If they’re not made the craft they’re passionate about do they suffer? Does the resilience boost from Glutton effectively give that hearthling another point in body? If an Herbivore loves animals but is made a trapper or a shepherd and has to kill animals do they have morale issues? Most of the traits are pretty cut and dry, and I could be reading too much into it, but some clarification couldn’t hurt.


I’m curious as to how to add the dream job traits via debug commands. I’ve been playing around with the traits a bit to get a feel for the technical naming aspect, as well as playing around with different combinations of traits, and most are straightforward, except for the dream jobs. I haven’t found anything online about them or even a complete list containing all of the traits, including dream jobs.

Anyone have any ideas?
I’ve tried passionate_(job), dream_(job), passionate(job), dream(job).

For anyone wondering, the command is passion_(job)
Ex: add_trait passion_farmer
remove_trait passion_farmer


which one of the traits is better? the one with color of the picture on a paper one?

The paper traits are good if you want to specialize a hearthling into a certain job, since they’ll get a mood boost from loving their job. All traits have their drawbacks.

yes, i understand what they do… but which is better, having a hearthling being good at something or loving what he/she does?