Updated classes and more

Let me start out by saying I have no nodding experience. I am trying to learn, but my time is limited. So I ask of other people if they can create what I dont have the time for.

1st - I would like it if the worker was an actual class. Gaining levels and skills like the others. It’s sad that they spend half the game being workers without levels. Gaining things like courage and carrying capacity and speed.

2nd - I would also like to see more combat classes. Balanced to the current ones.

I play tanks in alot of games, I’m pretty good earning a few server first in wow, and etc. But I find it sad when only one option exists, knights are tanks, warriors are melee, archers are ranged, clerics are healers.

This is boring, I want to see more diversity, like a paladin, a tank that gives others an armor buff, or heals when struck (with an internal CD)

A mage that uses different skills like rooting enemies with frost nova, or blasting them apart with fire.

A shaman that heals people over time, and buffs the party with tribal magic.

Watching my hearthlings I become sad that only one option is there when there could be more. I just feel like I could have more fun if I didnt have 13 warriors 1 knight and 2 clerics. I feel like having more diversity would halp more in the later levels of the game.

3rd I would love to see blacksmiths make items that have differences. Like making imperfect gear, and stuff. It seems boring to always make the same item, alittle rn and then it’s fun again because it doesnt always turn out like you want, but it could turn out better than you hoped.

2 new classes. The scribe and the scholar

Scribe would craft books needed to upgrade classes.
Warriors into paladins
Scholar into mages
They would also craft books for professions
Blacksmith recipies for making new armors and weapons.
Weaver recipies.
Scholar would make a library where other classes would come to learn.
So it would allow for people to gain new skills on an rng basis. They would spend time while they have been taken off their job studying and gain skills after a time. This would make the current classes fun aswell.
Things like charge skills, and buff skills, sword skills, etc.

With this I hope someone can share my vision of more classes in stonehearth. P.s. was I the only one that thinks the Fisher mod was needed so you did “have” to have a farmer to start?

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In the workshop there are a few classes already. Necromancer, Paladin, Beast Tamer, Mages, etc…
Not sure about them all, but the beast tamer (the one I’m making) is a little overpowered I guess, as I focused more on it being fun than balanced. Though I aim for a balanced class in the end.

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There are many mods available here and in the Steam Workshop, as Bruno already mentioned. In the future, some more mods could be made with what you are looking for, but check these ones out:

Links to Discourse threads, or Steam Workshop pages here:

Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer: Its Bruno’s mod that adds the combat class Beast Tamer for all main Kingdoms, which can snare enemies, and summons helper creatures.

Nordlingmod: Its Wouter’s mod which adds a kingdom of Norse style vikings, and a custom worker that can do farming and cooking, and levels up too.

High Class: Its DangerousDD’s mod which adds upgraded combat classes that are quite powerful, available after reaching level 6 in the regular combat classes.

Kaimonkey’s Traits: Its Kaimonkey’s mod which adds many new possible traits for Hearthlings, and some are combat related, like the Barbarian, and Martial Trained traits.

Necromancer Class: Its AndrealVox’s mod which is for a Necromancer combat class.

Elves of Veloren: Its DemoniconPC’s mod which adds a Kingdom of Elves, and a Paladin combat class.

Space Magic: Its my mod which adds a few magic type jobs, two of them are used in combat.


The only problem is that all of these mods are well, overpowered, and by alot. I’m not discrediting the murders as I am sure they work hard. Also I’m not nodding right now, so they are definitely working harder than me. But still feeling too overpowered is such a thing that makes the game, well boring to say the least.