New Class Ideas

So, classes. This is personally my favourite subject (I hope I don’t get murdered in my sleep for expressing an opinion).
There are so many possibilities for this game. How will they work? Will it be a one-age thing? Or will it become more modern as your town grows? We already have confirmed classes like the Magma Smith and Geomancer, but there are other classes that are just waiting to be revealed! I’d love to see some of your suggestions! I’ll post a few examples here so you know how to post 'em. Happy imagining!

-Rogue. It’s invisible to enemies until it strikes. Very high attack speed.
-Mage. Ranged magic attacks and pierce through armour. Can burn or freeze enemies if given the correct staff.
-Warlock. Less damage than the Mage, but summons skeletons to fight for you.
-Explosive Expert (Late Game). Can lay traps before hand so if raiders come, they’ll be sure to Rest in Pieces.
-Harpooner. Shoots a very powerful harpoon at enemies but takes a very long time to reload. Does extra damage to bosses.
-Flamethrower (Late Game). Does low but constant damage and lights enemies on fire. Also immune to fire. Bonus damage to ents.
-Scuba Diver. Can fight underwater.


i doo like most of them :smiley:

k so im going need an address to find you at :stuck_out_tongue:. but being serious i like the ideas but at the same time i think they have talked about some of these especially the mage and warlock. other than those 2 i think explosive expert has been said before as well. the others i like the idea of besides the flamethrower because why not using the forbidden magic instead of tech. BUT do keep sending ideas cause who knows whats in store.

Hey there @Pixoxel, welcome to the Discourse!

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I would love an army of rouges with bone axe’s… Oh yes…

I like the idea of different abilities based on different staffs for the mage! I think the devs talked about an engineer type class, i’d love to see a siege specialist with harpoons, ballistae, catapults and trebuchets! Those would be extra awesome if there are any sea monster type bosses! The engineer might work the same way as the mage with their staff, so give them an explosive they become explosive experts etc. Always fun to come up with classes xD

Why don’t we just take all the other character classes from the Fire Emblem games while we are at it :stuck_out_tongue: