Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer 🐾

Hi everyone. This will add a new biome, a new kingdom and a new class to your game!

The biome is the Swamp, consisting of flooded flat lands with muddy water, and dense vegetation!
The kingdom is the Firefly Clan, a group of (most of the time) friendly goblins, living in harmony with their environment.
The class is the Beast Tamer, one of the Firefly Clan jobs, except this one is also available to hearhlings! Promoted from a trapper, can summon animals to help in fights.


:arrow_right: Steam Workshop::Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer

If you can't use Steam, then (and only then) click here for a manual installation

:warning: Place the downloaded file in your stonehearth/mods folder.

Hope you liked it! :jubilant:

  • Biome background image art (seen at the kingdom/biome/difficult selection screen) is an edited version of the Temperate biome art (made by Radiant).
  • Clay pot models By @Amnaa
  • Bear animation entire by @Hyrule_Symbol! (model by Fornjotr )

Fun fact:
This was actually the first mod I made ever, but never published it. I thought it was not good enough, and actually, it was not.
I was still learning the basics, and had many questions. But to ask those, I would need to show what I was doing, and I didn’t want to spoil it. That’s how the Archipelago was created! I needed something that had water as the main feature, so I could show and ask questions about it.
But then, many people liked that one (and me too), and I kept updating it, and when I saw, the Archipelago was super big and the Swamp was not even compatible with the game anymore.

Then, Fornjotr come with this project idea of a goblin kingdom in a swamp biome, and we joined forces to start it. I revived my old mod, and he made a lot of cool assets and some good suggestions too. The result is what you see in the main post.

There is more to come, like custom mobs, the kingdom, their campaigns, etc… This though will take a very long time.


A NEW WORLD TO EXPLORE AND BUILD IN! AWESOME!!! I don’t care that it was your first mod, you still had the mindset to look at it objectively, see what was good and bad, and attempt to fix it and then release it to the public. first mod or not you’re still awesome :3


yaaay Swamplings!!! :jubilant: Looking forward to see what feedback you guys will give on this biome :slight_smile:


Hype! This looks great, gonna download it now!


Really cool i love the Swamp Smurf Goblins! :smiley:


Um, So I think I found a glitch with the Firefly Clan. I have the archipelago, settlementdecor, homesweethome and this mod. So I went into my game, selected new game, chose the Firefly Goblins, chose the Swamp, chose Normal Difficulty, and then got this error message upon getting to the character creation screen.

release-737 (x64)[M]
No matching overload found, candidates: custom [class std::shared_ptr] add_model(custom [class std::shared_ptr],std::string)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘add_model’
…vices/server/customization/customization_service.lua:291: in function ‘_add_style’
…vices/server/customization/customization_service.lua:278: in function ‘_add_styles_from_package’
…vices/server/customization/customization_service.lua:251: in function ‘_randomize_appearance’
…vices/server/customization/customization_service.lua:59: in function ‘generate_custom_appearance’
…th/services/server/population/population_faction.lua:825: in function ‘_set_citizen_initial_state’
…th/services/server/population/population_faction.lua:412: in function ‘create_new_citizen’
…th/services/server/population/population_faction.lua:451: in function ‘generate_starting_citizen’
…th/services/server/population/population_faction.lua:539: in function ‘generate_roster’
…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:239: in function ‘_generate_initial_roster’
…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:210: in function <…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:203>

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OMG Thank you!!! this is amazing also this is so amazing that we get a new map and new citizen :smiley:

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Uhm, that’s interesting. I thought there were no errors in the customize screen anymore.
I will check it, thanks.

Though, keep in mind everyone, the kingdom is not intended to be used. They usually fail as soon as someone try to start a conversation. (plus many other activities)


Just played it and man, HOLY COW!

This is awesome! This is what Alpha-Stonehearth needs right now while we wait!

Thanks for making this Bruno.



@Fornjotr and The Worldbuilder strikes again. :laughing:
Nice touch on the swamp goblins.:+1:


I can only hate you because YOU ARE TOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME :smiley:

Really great stuff AGAIN from you :joy::heart_eyes:

We are really lucky that you found your way to stonehearth :jubilant::merry:


Cool mod @BrunoSupremo and @Fornjotr, I look forward to seeing how this mod develops.

Aslo I like the goblin banner. It’s a really cool thing :+1:.


Ohh nice work Bruno, Can’t wait to try this Mod!!

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: It would be also nice to make some models for your mod too.


I can not play with the goblins, it’s all bugged and giving error …

Of course it is, @renan_parro - read the disclaimer in the initial post.

Anywho, looks really cool. Good job @BrunoSupremo and @Fornjotr!


The fireflies are so magical! :jubilant:


Again truly awesome job. Keep up the great work.

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Could someone send me a picture of the fireflies, given I’m too busy and also too lazy to play with mods right now?