[Mod] Miturion's voxel corner + egyptian mod

This is an arid/desert biome reskin / Egyptian conversion mod

Remember. This is also still alpha. And can break down when stonehearth gets updated.

Mod contains current features:

  • Desert biome re-skin
  • Workers in shendyts
  • Farming (pumpkins and grain)
  • Bread making
  • Breading humans
  • Crazy Camel attack
  • Stairs to go up on the hills. (warning: only works when you dont rotate them during placement)
  • Some UI changes

Follow up ideas:

I have some follow up ideas. These are just ideas to maybe implement, depending on vanille features implemented, coding difficulty, time, fun etc…

  • Make trees/wood scarse. Replace with adobe building blocks + adobe block production and mudbricks + mudbrick production.
  • Make water scarse.
  • Different season (dry season, rain reason, hot season)
  • Papyrus as plant and production material
  • Shaduf for water collection + irrigration

Last Update: 14-1-2014 for stonehearth alpha r27

Download the stonehearth.smod and place in Stonehearth/mods folder + extract “extract in mods folder” zip-file and place content in the stonehearth/mod folder

google drive:

click here for google drive download link


Stonehearth kingdom mod portal:

click here for Stonehearth kingdom mod portal page

Mod spotlight by mister @Petard

Landscape overview screenshot:

Tree overview:

People overview:

Crazy Camel attack:

Stairs in action:

Rendered overview (not ingame screenshot):

Special thanks:

Contains coding material (RP-smods) from @RepeatPan! (Really magnificent work on that).

RepeatPan RP thread

And great work from @gbiddison, the wolf attack coding (from stonehearth guru)

gbiddison mod thread


reserved for party :palm_tree:


Claiming a corner for myself :grin:

I made some scene with qubicle and 3ds max. And did palet swaps for winter and desert.




And thanks to @Neobonde for the trees and buildings


Sweet :smiley:. I like the winter version. In the desert a simple change of colors might not work. I would not expect the same lake and also the trees do feel a bit in the wrong place.

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yea it might new new flora, like cactus and so on. But it was just a simple palette swap. The desert color palette is my personal favorite tho :blush:.

Agree, color-wise all of them look right to me and for sure the desert would even gain a bit more from one or the other green cactus.

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This is actually pretty awesome! I am very jealous of your terrain and buildings, I never seem to get mine right. The seasons are interesting, I really enjoy the winter on in particular. Keep it up.

first of all… well done @Miturion! these are some great environment mockups! :+1:

agreed… perhaps the water source would simply be a bit smaller by comparison, and as you suggested, different flora… but the color palette itself works quite nicely… :smile:

How many corners does this Discourse have?! @SteveAdamo I demand an answer :wink:

Seriously though, I really like this. Just a minor edit, as people have already fed back what my initial thoughts on the desert were already, I shan’t bother. However, nobody has commented on the winter trees. Should they not be leafless, not just a layer of snow on top? They just look a bit out of place to me at the moment.

Other than that, awesome sauce :smile:

A lot. It is undetermined exactly how many corners Discourse has, atm we have determined an amount as endless.

Nice job! You know, looking at these models, it feels highly reminiscent of A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo. I especially get that vibe from the “desert” theme you created, it looks a lot like the style seen in the Dark World. Just change the water to a darker sort of green color, and you’ve pretty much got a match.

the corners in the first cube are almost taken :smile:. These are the official stonehearth winter biome trees. As far as we have seen of course.

@Atralane I dont know that game, but I go change the water. Would likely look better indeed.

btw. does anyone have experience with render settings in 3ds max. I tried several settings, but it always turned out too bright or shadows too dark.

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73… i’ll let you figure out the math as to why thats the precise number… :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d wager @voxel_pirate could lend a hand…

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… unfortunately not with 3ds max as I am using Blender. But maybe @TobiasSabathius can (who is much more wealthy than I am and has the right tools) :smile:.

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@Miturion the second render looks about right if you had a light blue very low intensity fill light from above (to emulate the ambient light from the sky)

I am, however, no expert; I just relentlessly consume youtube and tutorial websites and twiddle with settings. Yeah just more ambient light I think.The scene looks awesome by the way :thumbsup: :athletic_shoe: :package:

oh btw, haven’t played with max for about 8 years or so
Here is a nice video which covers more than you need I guess


Graet stuff @Miturion. I am an absolute sucker for winter scenes and when the game is released you’ll be finding me lurking around the glacier biomes!

If you’re looking to improve the scenes perhaps changing the trees up a little. In the winter scene, if it’s in more of a wintery biome then taller fir trees would be good. As @voxel_pirate said, some cactus would look awesome.

Apart from that … carry on!

YES. This is awesome @Miturion!

I’ve just spent the last… 8 hours (and maybe 10 yesterday)… making my own desert village scene. Yours is like, 1000 times better. So there are no words for me to convey how awesome this is. I’m going to have to edit my ground with your color pallet and cite you as the source.

I’m also about to start making some cactus oddly enough :slight_smile: maybe we can share notes.

Thanks, I will look into there and try more ambient light. I also looked a lot around and did exactly what was in the tutorial. Problem is most youtube guides are outdated. I am even less expert cause I only played with it a couple of days :grin:

@Roughshod sure that is a great idea.

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THE LENSE FLARES ARRRRGGGGG But really, looks good to me.

It’s actually an alpha screenshot of Battlefield 4. ooosh, burn.