[Mod] Miturion's voxel corner + egyptian mod


Don’t you really mean The Division?


Um… I don’t get how that’s a burn as i don’t play the game…


Also may I confess that I didn’t see the posts at the top of the page.

Now I have seen them I in awe. In the same way @Froggy’s masterpieces make me very happy yours have sparked of future dreams of the awesome times I will have in Stonehearth. I can’t stop looking at them.:grin:

Thankyou have a sailboat :sailboat:


Lens flare is something that features in the Battlefield (amongst other) games. It’s just one of those things that people pick on and make fun of. Just google Battlefield lens flare and you’ll see what I mean :smile: anyway this is enough derailment!


are you a vampire my dear sir?

@Geoffers747 hmm… silly me. Someone just nuked my little village :scream: And I thinking it were the settings of my camera.


seconded… i was thinking of perhaps another terrain type/color palette to try, but all that came to me was “swampland”… murky greens/browns?

but yes, i love those shots, and if they were a tad larger, they would be gracing my desktop… :smile:


I didn’t want to be all pushy but @SteveAdamo made me so …

Please can I haz 1920 X 1080 wallpapers now! and a pony :horse: and a plastic rocket :rocket: and one of those things that… etc. etc.

Love and Hugs
Tobias H Sabathius


@TobiasSabathius and @SteveAdamo
That why I need to figure out the render settings first :cry:. These are just screencaps and are already maxed out :cry:.
But here are :horse: and :rocket: already.


I was not really ready to show this yet, but cause of awesome replies I can show something more I think. WIP…
thx @Pandemic for the goblins.

and winter


Are those my goblins :grin:?

I like how busy it is. I don’t think the statue fits though, other than that its great


I love the statue (although I think it might look better in a darker colour?), I love the mine entrance in the wall. I love everything.

December is so so far away :cry:

We should put together a pack of all the assets we’ve made so far and people should construct their own scenes in Qubicle/ Blender. That would be pretty awesome.


Makes me want to play just right now :disappointed:.


I love how one great artist replaces another, for instance the minute pedro disapeared froggy started making amazing stuff and now that froggy hasnt been seen for ages miturion has replaced froggy. Maybe they’re the same person!!!


ah yea in my short mental alienation I posted this and completely forgot to mention that :blush:

Funny how little you all know about the statue, all I am saying. More to come soon.

ribbit… croak…


sweet baby geezuz… right size or no, these are getting added to the desktop remix… thanks! :+1:

did you mean @Pepe? :smiley:

and no artist replaces another… they supplement each other! :smile:

my guess is, its a stone golem… :wink:


Its not my fault, Im a dog I remember people by smells not names


… my guess is:

I own you Scully!


By the way, Miturion is smelling a little french. Eat a croissant lately my friend?


T-shirt, anyone?

And ahhh, well in that case I’m looking at you, Radiant. C’mon, c’mon. Gimme those leafless trees :speak_no_evil:


In the winter scene, it kind of looks like a 1 block wall appeared around the pit on the left. Is that just a layer of snow?

Also, the winter scene is making me think we need chimneys (or the option of a chimney when building a roof) and perhaps it would be easy to use smoke animations from torches or lamps? Maybe we could have an item like a door, where you place it on the side of a house and it makes a little fireplace with a chimney and it does something basic like increase happiness to the people who live or work in that room.

I don’t understand how people are making these images without a game release;< = total newb. Otherwise I’d do my own suggestion, hehe.