[Mod] Miturion's voxel corner + egyptian mod


yea, they cleaned the pit and threw it on the sides. At least that was the idea. And the scene is made in qubicle and loaded in 3dsmax


I hope you’ll be pleased to hear then that @Froggy has made a return of some sort, adding a bunch of updates to the models in the template thread. :smile:


oh, if you only knew… if you only knew, my friend! :smile:


Knew what? Tell me, tell me!


i’ll only reveal this… @Froggy and i are collaborating on… no, no i’ve said too much…

you’ll just have to wait and see… :smile:

apologies @Miturion for the hijack!


You are on my territory now!! Your epic modpowers are useless here !!!..
Well maybe not :cold_sweat: . Just stand in the corner for 5 mins will do.


HAHA, AND THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG. I WAS HOPING YOU WOULD SAY THAT. Hehehe, my evil plan is coming to fruition.


I always knew @ManOfRet was a little loopy but dear god!


That was actually a little bit of an experiment. I now need to ask you, did you read that in a yelling voice, or say it more loudly than you normally would have?

And yes, there is indeed a secret plan of evilness, and it definitely does NOT involve @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 going to war with each other…


my deepest apologies… ok people, back on track!

looks around nervously


After slacking on re-installing 3ds max when my trial ran out and figuring out good render-settings, here are the renders:
thanks to @Pandemic for the trolls and part of the furniture, @neobonde for part of the buildings and trees, @Smokestacks for the tier 0 bed and thanks to @Roughshod for the cacti.

1280 x 1024:

@TobiasSabathius here is 1920 x 1080. (gets a bit cut off in that resolution unfortunately)

If anyone wants some different resolution, I can render them pretty quick now, so just tell me.

Robo(t) Mod by chimeforest

Many thanks @Miturion,

looking glorious


absolutely brilliant…

i mean glorious… absolutely glorious!


reply to my added modpost. 2nd from above.
Bonus points for the one who knows where the picture from the mod title comes from :grin:

Happy to hear any ideas / improvements, although I have plenty of ideas myself I can never realize. :blush:

Also anyone who wants to help with the mod or similar, feel free to tell me.


Nice work @Miturion. Looks very interesting. If you want to re-use any of my deity-work, just let me know…

P.S. I love the camels :smiley:.


LOVE IT! Really want to go home and try it out myself. Are you planning to do any animations within these sets?


umm… whoa!!!

that is some truly stellar work there my friend… i hereby name you “Egyptian Themer Extraordinaire”, which comes with all the associated ranks and privileges… :+1:


Would love to. I really like the pharaoh. Mummy looks great too. :thumbsup:

@Stavie Animations hmm. I try to avoid them as long as possible.

@SteveAdamo YAY :confetti_ball:



This is awesome! Like, super awesome! Bunnies’ presence is the teensiest bit confusing, but awesome!


Dont take long before they eat the bunnies :rabbit: :grin: