[Mod] Miturion's voxel corner + egyptian mod


The Eygptian Mod looks great!


Damn the sets look amazing for it.
Animations would be great in there :slight_smile:


You can have my summoner and throw it in somewhere… But I don’t have the file on this PC xD IIII LOOOVEEE your winter skin haha :slight_smile:


@Ghost Your model looks nice, but unfortunately I dont know where he fits in.


uploaded my desert skin pack (2nd post of thread)

update: replaced smod with stonehearth.zip so you are able to install it with other mods.


Just loaded the mod up, looks amazing @Miturion! The trees are absolutly amazing! I’ve been having issues trying to make a sakura tree, so your models might give a little inspiration. :smile:

You planning on updating the character models soon as well?


Thanks, if you want you may use the trees and modify. :blush:

Yes, I plan changing character models.


Thanks! If i do i’ll make sure to give you some credit. :smile:

I can’t wait. From what i seen from the overview, they look great!


I love this but whats the difference between the hot season and the dry season and aren’t you missing ptolemaic egypt


The basic difference is that there will be far less water, if at all, in dry season. In hot season there is faster dehydration.

Rain season
flooded water in river water on banks (no farming there possible, much animal spawns (both herbivores as dangerous carnivores)), oasis fill with water (x amount)
Hot season:
quicker dehydration, pools dried out
Dry season:
pools and rivers dried out

All dreams though. I will be very reliant on what Radiant and coders will provide in the programming part.

And I will look into ptolemaic egypt. Dont know much about it to see what I am missing :smile:.


I’m liking the ideas you explained for the Rain, Hot and Dry seasons! Adds that little bit of realism into the game that makes a lot of difference!


New version of mod. little terrain color changes, building color changes and basic shendyts. Download is on 2nd post of thread.


Very cool nice progress,

sitting in corner crying of envy
realizing that i should rather celebrate you for awesome work!

keep it up!


May I suggest that you replace berry bushes with something else, or change them to suit the desert feel?I’ve done some research and Juniper Trees and Juniper Berries seem like the most suitable choice… It’s up to you.


thank you

@Alfie Yea, that is all in the planning. :blush:
I can only do soo much (10 points for the one who get the reference)


We got those in vanilla SH though…:stuck_out_tongue:


Whaa… We have Oak Trees and one other… not Juniper… I think.


They’re called Juniper Trees. They’re the tall and skinny ones.


:scream: Uhm… uhm… then add Palm Trees with coconuts or bananas? I don’t know anymore!


ok, it’s official… the forums are moving entirely too quickly … I missed the update/download entirely!

will give this a whirl tonight… nice work!