[Mod] Miturion's voxel corner + egyptian mod


maybe don’t do a fruit do a vegetable like onions, leeks and garlics etc.) maybe


Yea, vegetables were a big part of egyptians diet. Mainly because of their big farming areas. So I will save those for when farming is introduced. I think

I read a bit into the ptolemaic egypt period, but dont got any ideas of what to add. You have any specific ideas?

@Alfie I already has Palm trees with coconuts :smile:


problem is you have to make trees then with the food but you could just retexture it into a bush of onions/leeks/garlic etc.) like a really compact bush of them maybe

oh yeah i should really say that ptolemaic egypt was more knowledge and greek pikes hoplites etc.) and ptolemy made the library of alexandria and the lighthouse of alexandria and he was a fan of knowledge i think people correct me on my facts there but i think thats right


:cry: I give up! runs away


Wow! This looks amazing!
@Alfie, catches Alfie


I can’t make it work ;( What am I doing wrong? I really wanna see this

Edit: I think I know the problem, my game is set to autoupdate immediately so it refuses to work with edited files, I’ll try to remove that
Edit 2: Nothing works :frowning:


does anyone other then me and @Petard tried already?

I try to get a fresh install and try the mod from the download.


i don’t even have the game yet so no


I tried to get this working, I truly did, I put about half an hour into it. However sadly it still launches with the vanilla game. :disappointed:


It must be something going wrong. It is working on my side. Try downloading the stonehearth.smod in the google drive and overwrite the file in Stonehearth/mods location.
Maybe @voxel_pirate can make a videoguide of installing mods. He is clearly better at them then me.


There you go, I hope you’ll like the format I chose. Since you plan to add more stuff and turn it into the Egyptian mod and this is just graphical, I figured showing a basic gameplay video would be kinda pointless!


Awesome! :thumbsup:
I agree, there is not yet so much in it for gameplay.


Very nice mod review! I really like the format. :thumbsup: I found a few bugs in my latest mod build and should have another one uploaded within the next few days with more content if you want to check it out. :smile: Miturion has outdone me with such a beautiful looking mod and what I see, bug free mod. :laughing:


Thanks a lot! That is pretty much what I would like to see - people asking me to showcase their mods :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes me feel happy in my pants and relevant to the community. I hope the devs will notice the review, would mean a lot to me as well :smiley:


@Petard that is a very good spotlight and the first I’ve seen


Contains awesome coding material (RP-smods) from @RepeatPan! Really magnificent work on that.

And great work from @gbiddison, the wolf attack coding (from stonehearth guru http://www.stonehearthguru.com/forums/alpha-beta-testing-nexus/modding/51208-enable-wolf-invaders)

update contains:

  • Farming
  • Breading humans
  • And Crazy Camel

Download the stonehearth.smod and place in Stonehearth/mods folder + extract “extract in mods folder” zip-file and place content in (you guessed?) the stonehearth/mod folder
(I upload the changed-only files later, have to search all the documents that have been changed)


To make bread you need to farm wheat
And you need to make a mysterious bread and place it. When you select it you can bread workers.


I thought you meant breeding humans. And then I got awfully confused!

Apart from that … this is pretty amazing stuff!


this is really exciting stuff @Miturion! i had absolutely no intentions of jumping into modding just yet, but all this activity is really making it difficult to keep from diving in… :cold_sweat:


Good work @Miturion!


Go ahead! Maybe you could help with the Candyland… :wink: