[Mod] Miturion's voxel corner + egyptian mod


that was what happened to me xD
suddenly the forum was flooded with modding threads, I couldn’t resist…

But seriously, farming? We have already reached this level? I’m so impressed :astonished:


heheh, knew that would happen :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@SteveAdamo What is holding you? I have great fun with it. On par with many games I have in my possesion.


you can farm? whaaat?


Well, I tried it, and I couldn’t control the camera. :stuck_out_tongue: Any ideas?


It is not compatible with latest version. Did not have time to fix it yet. Will try to make a RP installer.


**Update: works with alpha 1 release 27 **

  • Working stairs.

You can go to the levels above the one you placed the banner on. Build the stairs with the carpenter menu. And deploy it near a hill without rotating it.

Warning: You can not turn the stairs. Well, you can, but the destination (code) does not turn with the stairs. This means the people wont go up/down if you have turned the stairs other than the default direction. When you enter the game and did not rotate the camera yet, the stairs default direction is towards the right. So you can only go up if the hill is in that direction.

(sheeps does not work atm)

To install:
Click on the link below and download ‘stonehearth.smod’.
Go to your stonehearth game folder.
Go to Stonehearth/mods
There you see a stonehearth.smod file. Replace this one with the stonehearth.smod file from the link.
extract the 'extractinmodsfolder.zip’in the Stonehearth/mods folder.

or here

If you have problem installing or something else, let me know.

I made stairs. . That work.. 95% of the time

i really like the stairs and the farming and babies the stairs ii like because i like living in the mountains i like the farming because i never thought only the devs would add the farming not the modders and babies well mass population so overall well done with this mod i wish i had stone hearth this mod gives so much atmosphere


glad you like it even without the game :blush:


Very nice @Miturion!


Made some freaks… I mean midgets. :smile: They can hardly reach the wood to saw.


nice but in the centre picture they look like the hunchbacks of notre-dame


Was this deliberately or a consequence of changing some code? Quite frankly they’re hilarious either way :wink:


Deliberately, I was playing around with the rigs in the data folder. The strange thing is that if you lower the numbers, the body parts move up. And when you raise the number the body parts go down. But by default feet are a low number and heads are high numbers.


Midgets and midgets with growth supplements :blush:


ITS DWARVES AND ELVES!!! The great war of Elves V. Dwarves have Begun!


oh lord… just remember, with great power, comes great responsibility… :wink:


When they hold the block it reminds me of the enderman from minecraft


were back to basics who’s better egyptian dwarves or egyptian elves put your vote and one of them will be eliminated


Hey, I only quartered half of them. :heartpulse:

I go for dwarfs.


Made a new overview. I decided to keep them in. I really like how adorably clumsy the elfs/giants behave.
Sleeping with their head sticking out of the bed cause they just dont fit. :smile:.
Swinging with their top-heavy head. And with eating they really catch the food they throw to their mouth.
And the best of all, no animating required. :white_check_mark:

And the dwarfs… tiny beings always look cute.

Maybe I need to shorten the neck, what do you guys think?