[Mod] Miturion's voxel corner + egyptian mod


i think the smaller units are indeed, adorable… and that the taller units are going to catch an amazing amount of belly-button lint…


Reskin them as monkeys and BAM.

Monkey helpers.


PETA has been informed.


PETA are not welcome here. Idiots.


PETA does not care. PETA comes anyway. #SaveTheMonkeys


Is there also a PETD?

Owww you… :smile:
I send you a sweater made of belly-button lint if you like. :


We need a dwarf mod from this…We really do


… all my workers are just running around … fleeing… for the… horror… the nightmare… the… I’m afraid to say it… THE CRAZY CAMEL!

hahaha awesome mod man!

How does the mysterious bread work? :smiley:


You need grain to produce a mysterious bread. You can place it somewhere on the ground like a chair or table. After that you need to click it and there should be a button at the bottom of the screen to summon workers (same place where ‘chopping wood’ button for trees is).


Ah, I just read on stonehearthkingdom you’ll need the zip files for this to work right?


dont believe everything you read there… i hear the place is run by some shady individuals that like to steal candy from babies, and cut in line in front of people at Starbucks… e.v.i.l.

glares at @Warstories


@SteveAdamo well, the one who’ve said it is Miturion himself, hopefully, we can trust him hahaha (although he did made sure of it a crazy camel went berserk on my small frightened villagers)


yes, because that is the RP made by @repeatpan that does the summoning magic. And yes, crazy camel is crazy :smile:


;_; pls steve :cry: is secrit ;cc


I am busy getting everything in the new format guys. Will probably finish it this weekend. Here is some progress in the mean time.


ahhh! new decorations! Egyptian pillars!! squeeee!!!


Thats a small squeeee, I have to make the pillars bigger I think. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The bigger the better, Means when one of them “accidently” falls over I can watch even more of my villagers get crushed! I am a vengeful and vindictive god. Do not cross Anubis…


Miturion oh my god i went away for a while and boom!!! Pavements, pillars. This is amazing


My favorite is the Joshua trees! They look amazing!