[Mod] Miturion's voxel corner + egyptian mod


New release. alpha 42 compatible.

Download at Stonehearth kingdom:

What’s New in Version Alpha 1 release 42:

  • Grain with grow stages (harvest seeds at desert bushes) (thanks to @RepeatPan for diy_trees)

  • Giants and dwarfs

  • pillars

  • pavement and plaza

  • new fence

  • removed camel attack cuase it was buggy anyway

  • breading workers, craft mysterious bread and place it. There should be a button to spawn a worker. (thanks to @RepeatPan for rp_workforce)

  • new map colors in location marker

You can go to the levels above the one you placed the banner on. Build the stairs with the carpenter menu. And deploy it near a hill without rotating it.
You can not turn the stairs. Well, you can, but the destination (code) does not turn with the stairs. This means the people wont go up/down if you have turned the stairs other than the default direction. When you enter the game and did not rotate the camera yet, the stairs default direction is towards the right. So you can only go up if the hill is in that direction.


Oh my god Betty look at that mod it’s so new and 'mazing, and so hard to make


Betty? lol. I might miss the reference :smile:


I am starting to wonder how @Miturion is always a step ahead of Radiant and still not working for them…


Maybe because there is a difference between use current functions and create news. =P But it’s a good work.=)


Think he meant Becky


Uploaded new version that fixed pumpkin eating bug.


WHAT!? You got rid of a bug that made pumpkins eat people!? I know its good to get rid of bugs but this time I think this bug should have been left in-game


excellent work!

i really need to get around to trying these mods… i have four on my short list…

the new rig should arrive in about 2 weeks… dont think i can manage for that long however… :sweat_smile:


Ah, I typo’d. I meant pumpkins eating dogs. :smile:

With that rig you can just open 4 Stonehearths and play them all at once :stuck_out_tongue:


challenge mode, accepted! :smile:


With a different mod on each one :smile:

I could use some more spare time myself. I’ve been way too busy to check out the builds and mods :frowning:


You’re not the only one. :wink:


Nice buildings really like the eastern egyptian look can’y wait for culture to be implemented


PETA? Do you mean PITA?


We are having a very slow day today…


Yep… Slower for the guy who’s been awake for two… :expressionless:


This has been the only post for like…3, 4 hours? maybe more?


Last week rode a camel in the UAE and oh god I was mesmerised and felt tall


hm will this work with Alpha 3 . . . .