[Mod] Miturion's voxel corner + egyptian mod


I am currently in the process of fixing the bugs.

Here is the latest modversion with most of the bugs fixed.


okay! so it works with alpha 3?


yes it works with alpha 3


oh i will try it out!


When I try to download the mod it says you’ve put it in your bin :frowning: Is there anyway that you could possible put up the mod again, it looks really well made! And i’d love to install it.


hey there @Luke_Collingwood welcome to the discourse :smile:

im afraid that this mod is actually dead, im not sure if @Miturion plans on remaking it ever.


It’s a real shame, the mod looks genuinely really good, and something that would be a good addition to the game itself, almost like different biomes. :grin:


well to my knowledge TR is planning on adding different biome types, whether a desert is going to be one of them im uncertain.


Thanks, I did put it in the bin because it was broken due to alpha updates. I will see what is still working and fixing the desert biome should not be too much work. So probably will have it fixed this week.


Thank you so much, it honestly does look like such a good mod, and something that seems to have a lot of work put in :smiley:


Here is some WIP update.

When looking back at the old trees. I decided to redesign it to be more coherent in design. The styles were all different and the messy ones had so many faces. (Tom explained the rendering of the qb files some time and I noticed part of the trees were bad for performance :blush:)

WIP shot


very nice! they give a very dry look to the entire thing.

cant wait for this to be released


Did you change the color of the water pools? The dull color fits the palette nicely! The dirt recesses in the plains biome might be a little too dark, though–it reminds me of some sort of mud or tar pit.

I’m looking forward to seeing the mod come together!



I agree. But these are just the vanilla colors reversed, I planned to change them.



Are you going to omit the bunny statues or ‘reskin’ them as sandstone ones?


Ahh it looks so good, fit for an egyptian king. :man_with_turban:


With an override to the water renderer?

And also, are you updating the colors on the embark map, too? (I think that you already did it in the past). I tried doing it, but seems that overriding a javascript file brings unwanted consequences :disappointed:


The water renderer is just a json file.
I did recolor the embark map, yes. It was also a javascript file back then and overriding it worked just fine. I did not try it with the current version. Are you sure you made no typo somewhere?


I thought it was a lua file, since I saw the water color hardcoded there, but it might have been moved somewhere else. Thanks.

Maybe, I’ll check again. The errors that it threw me were more javascript errors than syntax errors, but it’s worth a second check…


Err… You are right, it is a lua file.