[Mod] Miturion's voxel corner + egyptian mod


:expressionless: yeah… somehow I changed commas to semicolons…

I might as well try to change the water color too :confused:
One day we’ll be able to do it more seamlessly…


Yea, with the upcoming biomes a lot will probably change.


The google drive link says the folder is empty and the other link doesnt work


The drive is empty and the link doesnt work


@Andre_LMC, @Bkman, probably @Miturion hasn’t updated the mod to the latest version yet, so it’s not compatible even if the link worked :disappointed:


I’d be keen to see this on PraiseDB, the other webpage isn’t liked by the content filter :frowning:


Does anyone have a copy of the Egyptian mod? I was thinking about remaking some Desert biome plant models and the colour palette used by Miturion seems perfectly suited for the task. Especially the date palm is impressive.


what happened I want more mod porfa if they can update the haganlo