Team Firefly Clan are looking for an animator


Hi all :slight_smile:

So at this point we are a team of players from all over the world, that are working on a new goblin kingdom that will live in the swamp biome and it is moving forward with good progress.

At this point the teams animator is really busy with school and other real life stuff, so we are searching for one more person to help out with all the animation, that is required for the kingdom to really come to life.

My hope is that, there are one of you in the community, that have some skills in that department and at the same time would like to see this project come to life as fast as possible?

At this point you can check out the thread of the released swamp biome here:

And if you are interested, i would love to recieve a PM from you, so we can have a chat about it!

If you are that person we are looking for, you will be invited behind the curtain where the goblin workshops are cranking out ideas and code, so you will get a broader insight about the project as a whole. :merry:

Thank you for reading, Team Firefly Clan.


I would like to bump this thread and also say that the progress we are making on the project is truly exciting to be a part of and the project as a whole is really coming together, but we desperately need an animator! :heart:

All that said, there’s no huge obligation either, any help is greatly appreciated, so even if you’re only up for a few animations, we would still love to talk. :wink: