Any composers hanging around?

So The firefly clan (Swamp goblins) is comming along slow and steady.

And i had some thoughts about the music for their kingdom. But my own skills do not live up to anything that would be suitable for such a project :rofl:

Are there any musicians here in the community, that would like to help out with this? Please let me know and we can have a deeper conversation about it.

Thank you!


I could give it a try, but I’m not sure I could make anything that sounded good enough either.


I would love to hear what you could dream up! Let me PM you on the matter :slight_smile:

Anyone else that have interest, please shout in this thread :slight_smile:

Don’t doubt in yourself - I’m sure you can do great, @coasterspaul!

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I made some experiment at scool. Maybe… If you want i can try to make something :wink:

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Any contribution is more than welcome @pingu! If you want, you can send me a PM with what you have made and i can listen to it?

Thanks! :jubilant:

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Sure ^^ will try to finish something this weekend

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I have something, Everyone is welcome to listen to it, I just completed a 1 minute demo if it if anyone wants to critique, I have no idea on what kind of music you were shooting for…

Demo Song


I like the ambient sound, the drums might be a bit out of place for the swamp, but great work @Domino! Maybe you want to make a track for the goblins? about 3 minutes long?
Thank you for the interest :slight_smile:

Swampy? I can do Swampy!

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Awesome, take your time, no rush. I am looking forward (or listening forward? :rofl::yum:) for what you come up with!

I have a really recent song I never finished, I decided to work on it, I can pull through it by tomorrow

And I believe it is Looking Forward…:grimacing:

Oh and after immersing in the culture of the swamp goblins, they helped me understand their music, they use a Guitar Like Instrument called the Chuk Chuk, the ritual was nice, after a fantastic feast, they went on to destroy a Hearthling Kingdom, I managed to record that Chuk Chuk Ritual Song, and added a few things,

Dance of the Swamp Tribe


never done anything like this before but I gave it a shot

Advancing Menace.wav

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@Domino @genboom Thank you both for the great contributions! I will add them to a pool and then when the pool is big enough, the FC team will pick out the best of the bunch! So if you want to make more, please do and send it to us, either here in the thread, or you can send me a PM with them :slight_smile:

Thank you for your wind on this matter so far!

thanks :slight_smile:
feedback is welcome, I’d like to hear your honest impression

btw, I used OpenMPT to make this. its an old school midi editor that allows you to export as a .wav or .mp3
this song was made using some sample instruments that come with the program. it was incredibly simple to make, it has 13 instruments and everything was in the note of C-5, I only spent a few hours on it this afternoon. I honestly wish I knew how to use this software better because people have made some amazing songs with it.