Musical Instruments Mod! "HearthTunes(?)" <--- name pending

Hey, everyone!
I’m posting my Idea for a mod that I’ve had for quite some time now, and as I’m waiting for some downloads to finish, I figured I write this down now so I don’t forget to later. I wanted to know if you guys thought this made for a good mod.

The idea is that the carpenter, (or some other fine retailer), can make your citizens some instruments to change their job to a Musician, That would give them the ability to:

  1. Play music to very slightly increase work speed, via playing close to workers.
  2. Increase the “Moral” stat the Warriors seem to have.
  3. Maybe get a music festival happening, or have a concert in a festival event.
  4. I might also made a “Popularly” meter that shows how one band is more/less liked then others, maybe a way to manipulate other players towns in to doing slight favors for you based on their liking of your civs band?
  5. Adding audio files that the band plays, to add some more life and warmth to the game.

I don’t know if this is something that you guys would like to see, so please tell me before the game release so I can start working on this mod.


Sounds AWESOME!!! definitely following - I don’t know because I don’t write Lua but there may be a way to actually generate different music from different source files and save it as a Variable / Lua equivalent of a Python object, these could be saved into the bands little array of music

P.S. I have no Lua experience and only a small amount of Python experience which is what I’m talking from

Do you have any ideas for specifics, like any specific instruments, the buffs they might provide and the like?


well thats odd, i thought for sure we had a thread on adding musicians to SH… :confused:

oh well, looks like this thread will do just fine! :smile:

we know we’ll have festivals (as part of stretch goals achieved during the campaign), so perhaps there will already be musicians of some sort? failing that, i really do like what you have mapped out here…

@ Sarhifigus ( {---- new users limits everyone…) Thanks man! Great to see that I can have at least one download from adfly :stuck_out_tongue: srsly though, thank you! I don’t know to much about lua, but I know (at least some what) Java, and I’ve heard it isn’t to hard to go from Java to Lua.

@Paranundrox [quote=Paranundrox] Do you have any ideas for specifics, like any specific instruments, the buffs they might provide and the like? [/quote]

Yes, I have many ideas for instruments, both ones that are solo (Guitar, Piano, Violin) and those that need a band to play with them, secondary if you will, ( Some types of drums, Cello). As for buffs, I didn’t think of different buffs depending on the instrument, but that sounds great! Do you have any ideas for said buffs?

@SteveAdamo [quote=SteveAdamo] we know we’ll have festivals (as part of stretch goals achieved during the campaign), so perhaps there will already be musicians of some sort? [/quote]
I haven’t seen that yet, so maybe I’ll be able to add something that’s cool AND hasn’t been thought of…

Well for buffs, I agree that specific instruments shouldn’t be restricted to certain buffs (as that is no fun if I want a bunch of Banjo players but don’t want to be locked in to “better square-dancing”), but just some rough ideas of things like work songs, that might increase the speed of building and the like, or a party song to raise morale or to decrease fatigue, a battle song to increase the efficiency of your soldiers, that kind of thing.

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so possibly violins, cellos, and the like?

Yeah, but considering that the instruments would be more for flavor/appearance, you could include more “exotic” pieces like Tubas, Bagpipes, Pianos and whatever other crazy instrument combination you can think of.

Most definitely! I’ll try and make maybe a poll or something for instruments that you guys want in the mod, so I can make some stuff I know people will like!

[quoteParanundrox](as that is no fun if I want a bunch of Banjo players but don’t want to be locked in to “better square-dancing”) [/quote] Why wouldn’t you want a choir of banjo players, its sounds fricking faaantasitc. But with all seriousness, that’s the kind of thing I was going for, but maybe a little bit of special boons to certain instruments, like Drums increase move speed a tad bit more then say Flutes, and Guitars raise more moral then an Oboe (if you’ve ever heard one, you know what I mean).

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I swear we’ve had discussion about it as well … something along the lines of a travelling band that hit the town during festivals etc.

I’ll do some more searching see if I can find it.

Edit: Seeing as I can’t find it right now, I’ll revisit my thoughts on the idea, I swear a few of us spitballed some ideas but anyway.

One example of musicians would definitely be during the festivals/ celebrations that occur in your settlement, a travelling group could come and play some beautiful tunes lifting the spirits of the entire settlement. There could be some buffs associated with it, or it could simply be a cool event that occurs.

There could also be some sort of subterfuge here, assassins disguised as musicians anyone? (Red Wedding :'().

I swear we also discussed the possibility of perhaps having an idle settler pull out an instrument and play away to themselves or to other idle settlers.

Also @SteveAdamo I stumbled upon the beginnings of a beautiful relationship, oh how naive we both were


Yup we did that was: Idle animations

…I think

I think thats what @Geoffers747 was referring to, but that’s more just an idle animation, and not a whole class or series of classes that would have a gameplay affect.

back when the world was young, and we both wore shirts…

agreed… i think this mod has great potential… not unlike spiderman! :smile:


Here’s one thread about a bard with some additional ideas :cat:


Yer I came across that one, there are a few comments somewhere on the forum where we discuss actual bands/ musicians related to festivals and stuff.

Never mind eh!

Interesting thread nonetheless :smile:

thanks @nekochan… that was really bugging me! :smile:

i think that since the topic you found was a suggestion, and this is a mod discussion, the two can stand independently… :+1:

Some could be used in battle like drums or horns.

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Sorry, everyone. I’ve been on a short vacation!

So, should I keep making this mod? That’s almost what I wanted to make in this mod, so would I be stealing his idea(I did it once before and almost got banned from a forum)?

As for battle drums, I have said that I would use them in battle to boost “Moral” and maybe attack speed or movement speed depending on the instrument.

I will begin posting pictures of the models soon, as I need to get the full version of Qubical Constructor.
As a side thing, does anyone know if I can use, say, Blender to help with model creation. Like, make the model in that instead (It sounds weird, but I make Voxel stuff faster in Blender the QC)?

Thanks for you time guys!

Just because you have similar ideas doesnt mean you have to drop yours, the both of you could combine ideas, or you could develop your own separate mods :smiley: