Mod Idea: Bard Class with Instruments

I admit that I have no idea how to mod in Stonehearth, I just use other people’s mods.

Having said that I wanted to throw out the idea of a Bard Class.
I imagine that it could be similar to that of a cleric and be a support in combat by buffing hearthlings.
Alternatively you could busk in your town and merchants / adventurers could give tips when they visit.
Honestly I would just like to see a hearthling play an instrument.

There have been similar posts in the past that offer more bard-related ideas, however they were a few years ago.
Thank you!


music_tier_2 A potential class icon :slight_smile:


When I saw that Icon in the game files I really got inspired for something like that!

I had an idea (I even started working on it before ACE) but it is a little different, it would allow you to create “festival” places (like taverns and Inns, festival squares, etc…) and hold parties for your hearthlings. A Bard class would then be the “catalyst” of such festivities and parties, improving their outcome (buffs, happiness, etc…) the more developed they are :smiley:

Here’s the description in my modding thread:

I hope I have time to continue it after we’re more or less done with ACE :3 So feel free to share more ideas or thoughts!