Bard/Troubadour Job

Have a hearthling that goes around and adds culture, levity, and entertainment to the settlement!

  • Bards have a limited crafting menu, mostly instruments, clothing, and minor decorations (e.g., wind chimes). Some items might require advanced materials from other crafters, but basic items should likely be attainable by an unsupported Bard.
  • Similar to combat patrols, Bards wander around the settlement looking for hearthlings to bolster. Some chat up their fellows in conversation or comedy, others play different instruments to improve morale or speed tasks. Music playing does not need hearthlings to interact with the Bard, just be close enough to feel the effects. If a hearthling comes over to a playing Bard, they can gain more benefits but may lose some work time while gaining them.
  • Bards might even accompany combat patrols, even on raids/responses, speeding movement and demoralizing enemies - perhaps even giving out whacks from their lutes!

Interesting Ideas!
Maybe they could also make concerts?
The Fireflyclan mod with the goblins has some music instruments, but they are static.
More support fighters might also be cool.

I wanted to make a medieval feudal kingdom with knights and lords and a bard,
but since I’m not a experienced modder, I’m doing now a much simpler campaign.
Perhaps someone is already making something similar?