Bard or Minstrel for Hearthling Happiness

In looking through old posts, I have found a few mentions of bards to cover various village roles. The bard/minstrel that I would be happy to see is just a worker hearthling who will:

  • Play an instrument by the campfire
  • Play at a stage or podium structure, if built
  • Works only once per day, or on a triggered occasion

The performer would be able to give a happiness buff to neighbours, before going back to their menial day jobs… just like in real life!


Yup :grin:! There a lot of us here who would be happy for a bard/minstrel job :guitar: .

I love this idea :heart: ! You can listen to music while being cozy around the campfire :fire: .

Hmmm… maybe. If the “stage/podium” is determined by a new zone marker or a sort of place-able furniture/decoration that determines where the bard should perform. Just an idea though,

If I remember correctly, one of its suggested abilities is to be able to change the BG music track, and be able to fight along party(Ally buff-giver/Enemy debuff-placer).

Oh and welcome to discourse @autumn308 :blush:!

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Thanks for the welcome! I’ve been watching and playing this wonderful game for a few months now, and thought I’d share an idea :slight_smile:

The combat buff role is not as interesting for myself, just because I am not yet at the stage to want more tactics and hearthlings to micro-manage in battles. My little invader corrals get messy enough as is, haha!

My thoughts behind the placeable object were to allow the bard to play full-time in a little park or tavern setting. Because I’m a sucker for a gritty blues bar!

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Oh yes, this is a great idea!

To expand a little: If we could assign the bard to a fightingparty, he could be used to intimidate the enemy and to encourage your fightingparty. You know, with martial music.