Actors and wandering musicians

This is my idea: Once your settlement is a town, there is a probability of a caravan of wandering Minstrels arriving your town. You can agree to have them in your town for a time (AND a price) just like any trader. These Minstrels are 100% likely to give “Nice” conversations to hearthlings in the town, therefore giving a morale boost to everyone, but at the cost of hearthlings stopping what they are doing to talk to these paid entertainers, making productivity slightly less valued, at least during their stay. They don’t eat nor sleep (Just like the traders you can summon from the trading stands)


I’d like to take it a step further. If your town has a band stand type structure built, the minstrels will put on a show. A large part of the town will gather around and overall moral will be boosted for everyone who watched. The player will have the option of paying the traveling performers a small fee which will increase the likely hood they or others return. Also the player would get the option to pass out food and drink at the performance, further boosting hearthling moral. It’s a trade off between productivity and happiness but it also has something the game is sorely lacking outside of combat: Big events.

If we ever introduce advanced economic options, it would be nice if travelers, as they pass through town, could buy food and other supplies or rent a room for the night. That way your town could make money just being on the crossroads.


I like this. If we do wondering musicians etc, I believe that there should be enough rooms and food so that when they do come, It does not hinder the town. Also, I believe that when the event does take place, we should not have enemies encroach on this town at least for a few in game hrs as the event is occurring. Or better yet we can have the party goblins come in instead of the typical goblins, kobolds etc.


No, goblins should totally be able to attack during these sort of events. It makes things more interesting. All the civilians are inside enjoying the show while the town guards are outside the town palisades fighting for their lives. It also forces the player to make a few strategic decisions.

It may be possible that my opinion is colored by a new tabletop RP campaign I started where the very first night goblins attack the town during a big festival.