Travelers Set up Camp

I was just thinking it would be pretty cool, if in the same way goblins and other monsters set up camp near your town, we had travelers come and set up a little campsite. You could make them all have different things to offer like, maybe one traveler that comes and stays always helps you in battle, and when they leave and the next traveler comes maybe that traveler asks to join your town, or you can do trades with them, or they boost your hearthlings stats (maybe they are always brewing tea or something and hearthlings like the smell) etc. Just a little suggestion to maybe be implemented in the future, or made into a mod. You guys should add on to this idea in the comments, I love to hear people’s thoughts!



I love this idea. We do plan to make more events and campaigns in the future, but we probably won’t get to that until at least a few more alphas, as we are currently focused on core features. If you want this now, it is totally doable as a mod, though.


Thanks so much for the feedback! I love that you guys (Team Stonehearth) are so active in the community :slight_smile:


No way. I am not extending my walls to take in some campsite. You can just… forget… is that darjeeling tea with honey? Ok, maybe a little wall, and you are making tea for dinner. But you are still using the main gate like everybody else, got it?

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Haha I love it! Something I would say if I was a hearthling