Wandering Gypsie Caravans: Special quest givers

Much Like the Title says I think having a roaming band of Gypsies roll up to your settlement (once it reaches a certain stage(s)) and set up a temporary camp outside of your settlement. You can investigate, nothing much maybe trade some goods or what not. At the second night the Gypsies camp will come under attack (Insert whatever is lvl appropriate based off of your settlement rank) you as a settlement will have 2 choices defend the Band or let them fend for themselves. Defend them, the Band leader will approach your settlement banner and wait till you click on it

(roll in a cut scene - pending how intricate Radiant/Modder wants it - A few of your settlers around the camp fire with the Gypsy Band leader.

From there they will spin a Tale of some sort leading somewhere to start a quest(s)

If you leave them to fend for themselves the survivors will curse your settlement (maybe get a few extra raids the next night or something).

If you complete the quest(s) they will be friendly to the settlement and every so often (when your settlement rank increases) return with a new long lost forgotten tale to spin and send you on another quest(s).

Just a Idea for a few quest set up scenario’s. :slight_smile:


Wandering bands is a nice idea as such, it doesn’t have to be Gypsies. I can easily imagine freelancing, high level Hearthlings offering their services for few in-game days in exchange for some gold. With higher town tier the player should be able to announce which classes they’d like to hire and the probability of them appearing would increase. The player should not be able to change their names. In addition to a yellow number of citizens in bottom left corner of a character button there could be a blue one in bottom right, indicating the number of hired guest Hearthlings.

This could put the excess late game gold into some use.


I had a similar though (and I’ve probably seen it expressed before by others on the forums) for merchants. Instead of just getting a notification and a pop up, it would be a cool mechanic if those traveling merchants were actual characters. They appear on the edge of the map and walk into town for a bit, set up shop for a day and head out when their business was done.

The merchants would also be susceptible to attack by any roving enemies that may be in their path, so the player would have to actively send troops out beyond whatever defensive walls may surround the town and clear out the nearby wilderness. How frequently you get visited by merchants would in part depend on how safe they feel traveling to your town.

The perceived safety of traveling to your town could also affect prices. If a merchant feel safe venturing to your lands only with an armed escort, their prices will be marked up higher to reflect that. However if a player invests in making trade routs secure, the can be rewarded with discounted prices and a greater variety of exotic goods passing through.