Community Mod and Module Ideas

In the spirit of @Geoffers747 Q&A thread in the General Discussion category, I’ve collected a list of mod and module ideas from the community. My hope is that different ideas can be critiqued and new ideas can be generated without a lot of duplication of threads.

I tried to pick out the threads that proposed definite ideas for modding the game, as opposed to suggesting mechanics to go in the release “vanilla” version. Feel free to suggest threads covering ideas I might have missed.

If, as you read a thread, someone’s idea sparks one of your own and you think it deserves a separate thread, please use the “Reply as new Topic” link on the right of the thread you are reading. It helps to keep things tidy and helps people follow the conversation better.

Gameplay Mods

Settler Classes

Item Mods

Module Ideas

For Qubicle creations and related discussions, @Geoffers747 has a list right here.


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I have an idea for a mod called the “Stonehearth+ Mod” which will greatly enhance gameplay by adding more monsters, more characters, more quests, randomly generated structures, bosses, more biomes, and much more gameplay mechanics.

I’ll probably make the mod as soon as I learn more about Lua and get Quibicle Home Edition.

I like this thread :smile:
Not sure why we didn’t have one like this before here (sooner or later we will have a list of mods in the wiki and the fan websites).

But I don’t know if music-related mods would belong here initially, as we have already the community soundtrack planning thread out there. Even so, music that will not be able to enter that soundtrack count as additional content so they can go here too.

Well @SteveAdamo and I haven’t actually discussed this yet , but I was personally waiting for something more substantial to list - waiting until some things were actually released and see what platform Radiant are going to provide for keeping track of mods.


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If he wants it then, why not :smiley:

I’m very glad that someone else is interested in keeping track of the developing mod and mod ideas. I haven’t had much time to keep things up-to-date and would be happy to hand the responsibility to someone who can keep up. Not sure how to do that, but you won’t hurt my feelings by doing so.

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Well it’s up to you guys, we can either let this thread remain and you figure it out between you both - or we can move things back and let @Kriptixx have a go at it.

I have a mods thread too that could be added, i think it is called nicedude890s mods

Good idea^^ May the community can choose a way to do it in the future.

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