Official Mod List (Maybe)

yes i am spamming the forum with new topics :smiley: No, just kidding :grin: I hope it’s not too annoying ^^

First: I searched the complete forum for a thread like that but i didn’t find one. So i decided to create one which works like that:

Post your mod as a reply or PM me with it and i put it on the list. This Thread should be the perfect place for players to inform about every mod that exists

At the moment i only accept mod’s that already have a own topic in this forum and a team working on it.
(Or prepare it, cause the game is not released :D)


The Roman Mod ᅝᅝᅝᅝ@Moe2212
Elf faction ᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@TheThunderOne
The Princess Modᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@Minion

Mod Ideas

Save Games ᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@Nicedude80
Star Trek TNG ᅝᅝᅝᅝ ᅝᅝ@voxel_pirate
Guild Mod ᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ ᅝ@oroy137

Mod Tutorials

Mod the graphic test V2 ᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@Alesfatalis
From a picture to an animation ᅝᅝᅝᅝ@voxel_pirate

Helpful Programs

Stonehearth Add-On for Blender ᅝᅝᅝᅝ@voxel_pirate

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