Dredged from the Depths: The Isola Experiment

Lol, and I thought we would not see new expeditions for a long time. Some things never change. :smile:

I’m tuning the statue spawns, and even got to skin it to the biome, 2 variants. I will test a little to see if it looks good.


Pffft, the Benefactor never learns.

…though the Benefactor is also now inclined to await your newest version. She really reveres those statues…

Oh. But the mod is kinda broken with some half made features. Don’t wait for it, it will take time to finish it all. Sorry :frowning:

If you want more statues, you can try modding the mod yourself. Add this:

"ruins" : {
	"density" : 1

To this file:
(The default was 0.2, so density 1 is around 5 times more statues)

Nuuuu, sad cats! :crying_cat_face:

Yayyy, happier cats! :heart_eyes_cat:

The Benefactor will remember your kindess, good sir!

The Cat Modpack:

Honorable Mentions, for they were tempting but didn’t make it in:

  • @wwtd’s Wizards 0.3.5
    -While I love the look of the combat classes, they weren’t enough to lure me in.
    -The Artificer crafting class almost got me, as I love Artificers, but was saddened to see that all it seems to do currently is craft their talismen.
    -Will be keeping an eye on this one for future updates, it might still lure me in yet.

  • @SirAstrix’s Atlas Expedition
    -Love the glass. Just uncertain how well it’ll go with my designs.
    -Will be watching for future updates and additional content, may change my mind later with more things, or for a future run after I’ve tested my designs on the Charter Expedition group (who is on their third run…ehehehe…)


First of all: my, oh my! Now, this will be interesting to follow :smiley:
Can’t wait to find out more about the super secret awesome tunneling project.

Secondly: non-functional mods?! :scream:

As far as I know, all versions put on this forums are fully functional - no bugs have been reported so far.
The only thing I can think of that would make your mod not work, are described in the “Mod Compatibility” section:

There should be a dead give-away if your mod is working or not - and you don’t even have to have any Hearthlings die to find out :slight_smile: I put a “Poyo Statue” in the Mason’s recipe list, just for this!

But seeing how I’m sometimes a pessimist, I’ll assume it’s not working for you :frowning: May I ask what version you’re using and what issue you’re facing?

Edit: Ps. in case it’s not working for you, I wouldn’t mind to have a peek at your stonehearth.log with all text from starting Stonehearth up to the point after just booting up a game (new or saved does not matter to me).

It seems to be working this time! Originally it wouldn’t let me turn it on in the mod list; so best guess, I did indeed just have an older version or the file got renamed…something something.

Proof of purchase it working this time:


So, fortunately, error was on my end, not yours, for this one!
I do still have two non-functional mods due to Invalid Manifests, but they’re these two:
@GreatColtini’s Stonehearth Expanded - (V0.16)
@Pawel_Malecki’s Fine Items

Both of these are now online as well!

So, my apologies for the scare, @Hamnisu! Looks like your items will be part of Expedition #3!

-edit- I’m not sure which version I was using the first time that caused the issue, as I…kinda deleted my previous Mods folder in bulk. :angel: I had a few old ones, though (I mean, first one went kabloom because there was CANDLEDARK in there somehow…), and one or two that were clearly named incorrectly (one was an .smud …I don’t even know how I managed that). Thank you for the concerned reply, though, and I’ll keep an eye out for future trouble…including my own mistakes >.<

I’m both sorry and happy to hear this. There’s no reason to apologize; pleases, let me know if something is not working for you.
I’m hoping to release a newer version somewhat soon - I’d love to catch any possible bugs that are lying around, you know :slight_smile:
(Lately, I’ve been focusing on helping out with @pingu’s Home sweet home mod - but soon™ I should go back to focus on Commemmorative Items :smile:)

How long will I have to wait to find out the deal with the tunnel already! :sweat: hahaha

It won’t work because the file name is incorrect. It is finetems.smod, not fineitems.smod. Also, the mod name is Finetems as Fine and Items blend together quite nicely.

Ahhh, that would do it. I’ll update it and try again, thank you!

-edit- Double thank you, @Pawel_Malecki - since I had to fix that, I thought to check the other one that wasn’t working, and found a similar issue; I have all my mods working now! ^.^

(speaking of mistakes, time to let the Benefactor out again!)

!!! ATTEMPT #3 !!!

“Well, now that we have all those silly little technical difficulties out of the way…who’s ready for another try at this?”

“Look at that adorable poster boy. Doesn’t he look excited? Why can’t you all be excited like he is, hmm?”

“Oh, don’t worry about having to be around other Hearthlings, sweetie; you’ll be chasing after animals in no time!”

“As long as you can hear when there’s trouble coming, Marc~”

“See, everyone, Ishi is excited! Why can’t you- what do you mean, “he’s always excited”?”

“Dr. Love! Excellent to see you joining- call you David? Alright, David! Pack your kit!”

“Why, Kai, you look quite different. Done something with your hair, perhaps? Oh you shapeshifters, I never can keep up!”*
*Kai is named and modeled (both male and female versions) after a shapeshifter I’m playing in an ongoing tabletop PnP campaign.

“Tigre, dear! Happy to have you join us, your craftsmanship is- why, how rude, walking away like that…”

“You can patrol all by yourself, Buddian, no worries so long as you alert everyone when there’s danger!”

“Is that everyone? Excellent! To your new home!”

“Oooo, now doesn’t this look like an interesting spot?”

“AH! Perfect! And there were a full three bunny statues spotted in the area! How wonderful!”

(Psst; it worked, @BrunoSupremo! Thank you!)

First orders:

  • Coconuts
  • Rock piles
  • Shipwrecks

  • Kai, start with the woodworking. And, uh…where did you get those shoulderpads…? I issued the pendants, but not…oh, whatever, get to work!

  • And you, Ky Tenn, start putting out some traps!

  • Last but certainly not least, can’t forget the super secret awesome tunneling project!

Alright! Off to work with all of you!


Yes, level that thin little cliff face all the way down to ground level! THE BUNNY WILL BE HAPPY.

Bring those trees down! THE BUNNY WILL BE HAPPY!

  • Kai! Where is your carpenter bench?!

    …oh, right, you need a grassy area for that. Uh, let’s get you to one of those grassy ledges.

I suppose that is a bit of work for you all to do, uh…carry on?


May I ask you for the mods compiled for download instead of downloading one p/ one?
At least the most relevants for the gameplay? :no_mouth:

You want to use my modpack? o.O

Uh, sure, give a moment! I’ll zip up everything but the excess biomes and upload it!

One Cat Modpack for anyone interested! No biome mods included; you’ll have to grab one of those yourself if you want them. I do highly recommend @BrunoSupremo’s Archipelago Biome Mod or @Vargbane’s Anórien Biome. They’re my personal favourites of the ones I’ve tried so far.

As a warning, there’s a UI issue when accessing crafting benches at the moment with this modpack. Just hit the “Reload UI” button when it pops up, and give a minute, everything seems to keep going just fine.


Time to check in on Expedition #3

Isn’t that a wonderful crafting spot, Kai? May the view inspire you! And the first thing it should inspire you towards is a fishing bucket! And a Rickety Well for fresh water! We do have the supplies for them! AND TIKI TORCHES!!!

Let’s check on those cliffs. I can see the one in front of the bunny are down…let’s start carving out the other spots to smooth those cliffs as well.

Uh, yes it is TOTALLY necessary, because, um…IT WILL MAKE THE BUNNY HAPPY!

Ohhh, hmm…it’s getting dark, and we don’t have any sleeping arrangements yet. We should fix that. KAI! 7 MEAN BEDS! Oo, oo, the Crude Palm Beds, for that matter! Ooo…and one of those Painters Pallets and Weaver’s Spindle, plus 2 Rune Wall Lanterns for the super secret awesome tunneling project. And some crates, to start storing things away properly! Plus some of those Wooden Window Planters, they will be marvelous when we start up the proper construction!

Hmm, it’s dangerous to have Kai crafting in the dark - HE COULD SAW HIS ARM OFF!! D:

Hmm…good mood lighting, but not quite my objective…

Oh, right, those beds haven’t been deployed…I’m sure this isn’t that much of a health hazard…

Umm…uh…maybe…it’ll be fine…this is fine…




I will be watching this eagerly. If I wasn’t so darned lazy I’d say it has inspired me to do one myself.

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I’m glad these are so oddly popular…actually inspires me to not just start over from scrap when I make a mistake. Much as my perfectionism reeeeeally makes me wanna…



Not elegant, not ideal, but it will do so you all stop resting in…unfortunate places…

Hmm…we should have someone fishing. No one is overly ideal, so…einy meiny miney…Tigre! You take this bucket and go! Start with some bobbery boos, get the fishies coming!

Yes! Like that!


Well done, Kai! I KNEW all those orders were a good thing for you! What…what’s that look for?



That little fiend, trying to blend in with our supplies! But Buddian is no fool!

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OH MY GOODNESS, YOU ALL ARE AMAZING! YOU HAVE ALLURED ANOTHER TO MY EXPER- Ahem, I mean, well done on inviting a new person to join our lovely little community!


Why, Miss Nina, don’t you look usef- I mean, absolutely lovely and talented! Let’s get you to work on something right away! :smiley:


It’s fine, though; Buddian shall GLORIOUSLY beat them into defeat, WITH A SLAP FISH!