[MOD] LocksofManyHair + LocksofManyClothings


Here are the Mods - have fun :smiley:

  1. LocksofManyHair Alpha 24
  2. LocksOfManyHair-NC - This Mod helds only all new hairstyles - Alpha 24
  3. LocksofManyClothings - This Mod helds all new clothings and outfits

So have Fun :smiley: - also dont forget to get Homf - so you can decide how they should look xD

Here are some Pics:


Soooooo first update for LoMC (not LoMH)! Our Kitty was fast xD

New Outfits for the blacksmith and the engineer


Our Kitty is to fast xD

An Toolbelt for the Mason xD

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And two updates!

For LoMC:

Cloves for the Potter

New Uniforms for the Weavers

And one update for LoMH:

A new Hairstyle ^^

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New Update for LoMC - changed the originalmodel of the engineer with the new model and add the powerpack to them :wink:

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Just added a new haircolor - crazy2 its a mix between red, purple and grey ^^

if you have some ideas for haircolors and a name for this map then you can give it to me :wink:


just one condition: i need 3 colors per map - 1x hilight, 1x midtone and 1x shadow

first participant ^^ Hairstyle Icki :wink:

Sooo who wants to try next :wink:

We also take ideas for clothings or hairstyles xD

If I by chance will… acquire… a new hairstyle, can I submit it here?

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yes you can ^^ and i will look into it then and try to make it work :smiley:


I’m not sure if I got the colours right.
I looked into other hair models. Seems like they use shades of pink that are later replaced by actual hair colors. They are also divided into “hat” and “hair” layer - I suppose the “hat” is replaced by the actual hat when a hearthling wears it.
I can’t split my model into layers since I work in Magica, and I fear VoxelShop will break it. But anyway, let’s try.
It’s a girl’s haircut.
hair_mel_fauxhawk_right.qb (154.0 KB)
I would be grateful for some screens. No idea how it will look in the game.

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so after so renaming, recolouring and adding… here the product :smiley:

but im honest its really crazy ^^ perhaps kitty can tune it a bit?

Told ya it’s a girl’s haircut! :joy:

Buuuut that showed another problem: Y axis in SH is reversed. So my “right-sided fauxhawk” became “left-sided fauxhawk” :sweat:
Anyway. What I was trying to do was something like this

…but with shaved sides.

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ok on the female it has looked worse ^^

with the side is not a problem i can change this ^^


Any luck?
Can’t wait :grin:

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at the moment kitty change all files - so it news a little time for the update ^^


Sorry, boys, got slowed down by today’s lecture :stuck_out_tongue:

Was I supposed to play with the one above at all?

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yes with the fauxhawk ^^

Okay, so;

  1. “Shaved” isn’t very easy to do anymore; it used to just call for a very de-saturated version of the colour for the hair or a shade of the skin, but there’s no way to go about that with the colour overlay system

  2. Aside from de/re-constructing it to face the other way, not sure how to fix the axis flip

  3. Other than the fact that I would put a few pixels along the hairline to not have that exposed patch under the uplift, not sure what more is wrong / you want done with it?

@MelOzone ? @Wiese2007 ?

I suppose “mirroring” will do the trick; don’t know about Qubicle but in Magica it’s done with one button click. I could do it myself, but I suppose you’ve already split it into layers, and having a “starting” model would require to do all your operations all over again.

I thought it would be cooler this way, but I guess you’re right. I don’t think there is anything more. Can you show what does it look like? :thinking:

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Still toying with it at the moment; I actually have this bad/odd habit of recreating it onto a fresh model, to be able to best see where/how everything fits together, to get better manipulation of the entire thing with minimal compromise…and just in case I save over it somehow.

So atm, I have my creation of yours, and I’m working on a slightly altered version - was trying to see what I would produce comparatively using your original inspiration there.

Oh, uh, and…I’m kinda on the bus, so I can’t really upload from my laptop (exceeds what my ipad will let it use of its data) :angel:

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