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Mew? Mew!

So glamorous!

Aww, isn’t she cute?

For any of my posts that include the model files, feel free to take and use them if you like.
Letting me know/see what they’re used for is appreciated, but not required.

German Shepherds
Wharp's Corner of the Cube -- New Mod, Check it out! Updated May 26th!

OMG i see lots of work for me :wink:


Ahahaha, only if you want to, dear :stuck_out_tongue:
I was playing with hairstyles as opposed to colours, was going to try reverse engineering your code from Locks of Many Colours to make “Locks of Many Styles” - only 6 colours (the base brown-blonde-sany, and red-white-black), but more styles per head.

And the animal race has been in the back of my head for weeks because of a Hengeyokai based D&D game that I have every week, heh


Why not both? We can add the new styles and the many colours to improve the Variants xD locks of many colourful styles xD


You two are going to make the largest mod (by filesize) in the history of Stonehearth!


Hahaha, feasible. I just started playing with them during boring lectures xD

So far, I have made:


Fancy High Bun:

Simple Headband:

Simple Long:



Fancy Shaggy:

Mind, some I like more than others, and the ones I like less might get altered more.
It was literally just something that was helping me focus during my introductory lectures despite some of my issues. I really greatly enjoy modelling, and it doesn’t take me much mental power, allowing me to do both.

Oh, there’s also the three I made because I was trying to make some of my friends’ D&D characters as Hearthlings:

The Altross:

The Hazumu:

The Yumi:


Hence I was keeping the styles separate by my original intent! :stuck_out_tongue:


yumi looks cool … only the upper white in the green eyes let it look like she squint ^^ so perhaps remove it from upper and add them downside inline ^^

and im already to upgrade our mod :smiley: i really love it :wink:

and i like that i can make issues which TR has no ideas why they come :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice stuff, @Kittyodoom :smile:

I would suggest changing the category to “Modeling and Animation” or “Modding”, if you’re going to make this into a mod.

The Fan Media section is usually used for fan fiction, let’s play videos, fanarts, etc.


These look awesome! :astonished:


Hey there @Bea, welcome to the Discourse! Sorry that your post got blocked, looks like the auto-spam filter caught it for some reason, but you should be all set now!


No problem at all ^-^ Glad to be here!


From today’s long bus ride home:


Unwinding before bed products:

And I think this one was still in my head because of a girl I saw on the bus…


Warrior Queen - does not believe in waiting patiently for the next class!


It is lunch time, and Madame Thief cares not for your excuses that you left your lunch money at home


ok this looks more like she cares for her health :wink: mouthguard


Hahaha, that seems to be strong in my subconscious today based on the designs I’ve done so far. Must be all the people coughing and sneezing…


Product of two buses in a row not showing up…other than that, I have no idea what it actually is, but it amuses me, haha


beehivestyle perhaps ? ^^^