German Shepherds

Cause who doesn’t love adorable doggies!


all hail anubis!
really unpractical bro still cool.

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would be a fun “phases of the moon/Transformation” kind of mod. Feel the Beast inside you :smiley:
The farmer strangley reminds me auf little Red Riding Hood after the wolf ate the grandmother and wears her clothes. Well a cute wolf in kind of way :wink:

I also heard the wolf, the dog people first heard

That’s a German Shepherd shepherd. shepherding intensifies :whale2:


Make some cats and I’ll download right away! Haha xD

Can I dislike this post :wink: hehehe

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though they’re not in a mod, @Kittyodoom did make a cat people model,

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Yes, you may, cause dogs are way better than cats :smiley:

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we’ll im not saying dog arent good since sure cats has their flaws but it better to keep company with cute kitten than a powerful hound.just saying dog are not better than cats and cat are not better than dogs it equal depends on your way of interpretation of them

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