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I have noticed a lack of dogs so to cheer up the dog lovers out there (but mostly myself) I bring you Homo-Canis, the next step in dog evolution (WIP)

Tell me what you guys think (I know the legs are messed up I just cant figue out a way to fix them)

Paranundrox's Pachyderms (And Other Assorted Oddities)

haha… this just makes me chuckle… :smile:

but yes, the legs, hips look a bit off… and i think his torso needs some “bulk” as well?

curious to see where your dog-hybrid goes… :wink:


If I could make a suggestion… You seem to be trying very hard to fit your model into that of the existing human model. I say “don’t”. While its tempting to make the head and drop it in, its gonna be a pain because the human just isn’t detailed enough. Perhaps try reverse engineering the body of an existing model with a similar structure and adjusting it from there? (I’d suggest @Agon’s Bipedal Mammoth)


@Paranundrox Thanks for the mentioning. :slight_smile:

@Newf Another reference that could be useful is the wereworl/varulf that @TobiasSabathius started working on. 9 Jun, in case it’s hard to find in all that awesome.


Thanks for the support and references :smiley:

@Paranundrox @SteveAdamo I was just using the torso as a guide to where everything goes, It is definitely going to change.

@Agon Thanks for the reference.


Dear @Newf I LOVE your Puppy 1.0, but one suggestion to make it POP!!! is to have the Feet and Head larger also with the Feet have them stick out more!!!
Other then that GREAT!!!


Ladies and…who am I kidding I dont think theirs a single female here!!! Anyway, Feast your eyes upon Homo-Canis 2.0

I’ve brought the head foward (enlarging it) and @KingMooCow enlarged the feet, Im not sure about him having a tail but otherwise I’m really happy how he has turned out! I don’t know what to make/add to him next so im open to suggestions :smiley:


I’d critique it, but I’m getting the same issue I had before with not seeing it. Did anyone figure out what’s causing it @Geoffers747 or @SteveAdamo? Anyway, perhaps a direct link to an image hoster?


Unfortunately I have no idea … try deleting it and rehosting it? Or failing that host it somewhere else and see what happens.


can you see it now?

P.S. I may have just crashed qubicle constructor


I think its a problem on my end, because it loads up the image for about half a second and then goes white…


Do you have another machine to view it from, an iPhone or iPad?


Yeah, I can see it on my iPod. Perhaps its just the browser… Anyway, pick one:
Either the “feet” are too small, or the “hands” are too large. The model feels too top-heavy right now.


Its impossible to make the hands smaller and making the legs/feet is a pain in the ass (cant block it because I might mean donkey :wink:) any advice?


My only advice is, no matter how much of a pain it is, try to make the feet a bit thicker. A few options to make it a bit easier would be either A) looking for a reference on someone else’s model, or B) copy the feet into a separate matrix and blow that one up.


how exactly do I do B? sorry im new to qublicle


Go to model view, and highlight the matrix. In the left corner, towards the top of the screen, below the “file” icon is one that says “Stretch” Click on that and double the values.


Thanks for the help!


Here is Homo-Canis 3.0 with his new beefy legs and more shading

He comes in 2 sizes, size A (The size of a normal dog)

Or size B (The Big Boy Size)

Ill let you guys vote on what size I should keep and which size should become obsolete and be thrown away.(I cant decide) Credit to @Froggy for the Soldier guy and everyone else for the love and support :smiley:


One small tiny suggestion, could you move the arms/hands in one voxel closer to the body? It would go a long way to making him feel less chunky. Also, size doesn’t matter, detail does. The general rule of thumb is make it the smallest you can to get the design you want, and then scale it up in-game.