Paranundrox's Pachyderms (And Other Assorted Oddities)

The results from the “Large Land Mammal” Survey had me kinda depressed, as elephants came almost dead last, with 14% of the vote. To cheer myself (and any other Elephant lovers) up, I decided to create one in Qubicle.

Its not complete yet, (the feet were driving me insane because I was trying too hard for realism) but I would appreciate any comments or criticisms on it so I can improve it.

The ears are also a bit wonky, but that would get fixed when animated (which I have no plans on doing anytime soon, because I can’t export to the .obj format. Oh well…)

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mission accomplished, as he definitely “reads” elephant (borrowing from Tom on the phrasing)… :smile:

my only suggestions would be the typical “add some color variants to provide depth, and make the model pop”… and it looks like his trunk may be just a bit too long, in proportion to his body? perhaps shave off a few voxels on the tusks and trunk (to keep them level)?

or i may be completely mistaken… :tongue:

Looking at it from this view, I think you’re right about the trunk, but what do you think about the legs/feet? Do they already work the way they are? Do they just need to be a bit longer?

With the legs … perhaps add some sort of ‘toe’ to each foot? I think by colouring the voxels already there rather than adding a voxel for the toes. Man I hope that makes sense, cause I’m not even sure it does.

the model strikes me as a baby elephant, very similar to the mammoth model (which is a good thing in my opinion)… the legs/feet look fine to me, as he has girth at the top, and it tapers to the feet… im sure you’ll find something to tweak though… :wink:

Elephant v2.1

(Ignore v2.0 flying by in the .gif there… :wink:)

I shortened the trunk, as suggested by @SteveAdamo, and changed the color scheme to a lighter grey, and added an extra shade to the top to make it lighter. definitely still more work to be done there though.

@Geoffers747 you mean something like these toes? I added a similar color to the tusks to the toes, and alternated a lighter and darker shade to give some contrast.


Legs look a hell of a lot better already! :smile:

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Thanks. they still feel a bit heavy, but what else would you expect from an elephant? I’m still fiddling around with the colors, but let me say, gray is hard to work with when the Qubicle background is also grey…

yes, the “three T’s of voxel design” have paid off… Trunk, Tusks and Toes… looks much better! :+1:

Elephant v2.2

Added a bit of shading to give depth to the ears, may have gone a bit overboard with the color, but opinions?

looking at it in .gif form, I think I need to balance that level of shading with the rest of the body…


The shading really works! Great model :smile:

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Coming from you, that’s a real complement… I think I can die happy now :smiley:

It’s a beautiful model that’s not overly complicated giving it a very Stonehearthy fell :blush:

Thanks. I think I was fretting too much about the Q-bert effect when I was building it, but I started to get more comfortable as I worked on it.

I was bored, so I cut up the model so I don’t have to do that later. Yay! So maybe we’ll get a way to export before beta, in which case I’ll animate this. Otherwise, elephants will prance around like mammoths do…

Also, any requests? I may take forever on them, but at least it’ll give me something to work on in my free time. (I’d prefer to say away from people though…)

Ugh. I’ve been trying to make a prototype White Walker for the Song of Fire and Ice mod idea by @Froggy, but I’ve been having trouble with the hair… No matter the medium, I just cannot get hair right…

What kind of shade of hair are you looking for @Paranundrox ?

Its not the color thats an issue, but rather just the style/look of the hair in general… If I’m having trouble with a color, I usually just find a reference image and steal the shades directly from that…

Well my suggestion is have you thought about a long bowl cut that is parted down the middle then make it look a bit wispy?

Have I thought about the billions of ways to make the hair work, yes. Have I been able to MAKE any of them work? Unfortunately not…